Great Movie - Powerful Message

By johnpengel
Written October 27, 2013
I had the opportunity to see this inspirational movie this evening, centered on Christian Beliefs and the Power that God brings to those who aspire to his Greatness. The blessing was watching my daughter enjoy the movie in all the ways that she did. I highly recommend The cast is top notch and the lead character is a very versatile song writer / singer / actress in her own right. This is a wonderful movie for anyone; but especially powerful to those Fathers/Daughters. It has power in the moments between the Father and Daughter that are very moving. I concur with Movie goers. Its not a blockbuster with theatrical whiz-bang action / CGI but its message and characters were undeniably strong.
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By John wallace miller
Written October 05, 2013
MUST GO! This is a movie with a powerful message - wish MILEY CYRUS could have seen this film before she imploded - she still needs to! Go see it - an upscale Christian thematic drama. John
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Well Done!

By livethecovenant
Written October 10, 2013
I definitely recommend seeing Grace Unplugged. The movie's message is clear without being overbearing. The casting was well balanced and believable. It was fun seeing singer Jamie Grace in her acting debut as best friend of the main character. It is quite family friendly although I would say the story line moves too slowly to be interesting to younger children and the subject matter is more directed to tweens and older.
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Great Movie

By kw77b
Written October 04, 2013
This is a movie everyone should see, however if you've been ignoring the "God spot" in your heart for too long, you might find it boring. I wish there were more movies like this in the theaters...very uplifting....made me think hard about my own commitment to God.
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Perfect Mother Daughter Date for Teens!

By june50
Written October 09, 2013
Five moms all attended this movie together and brought our 13 year old daughters along. It was the perfect mother daughter date. The movie was so well done with such a positive message. It sparked good conversations with our girls after seeing the movie and all 10 of us give it two enthusiastic thumbs up. It is so refreshing to be able to find such an inspiring movie filled with Christian themes, life lessons and interesting plot and characters in addition to great music and talented actors. There are scenes with some mature themes like underage drinking and sexual temptations but no nudity and no profanity. Probably not a child's movie but I think for age 11 or 12 and up it is a wonderful choice. The overall message is about love, grace, faith, forgiveness and healed relationships. We laughed and shed a tear or two. What a sweet film and a must see - especially for Christian teen girls! I think the dads would have loved it (and cried) - We might need to take them and go see it again!
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