Loved it

By abasketnut
Written October 11, 2013
I love when there are value based and clean movies out there. It had an excellent story about struggle and trying to spread your wings. And about a parents struggle watching this from the sidelines, as so many of us have had to do.
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Grateful to have a movie we can take our family to!

By debmvs
Written October 09, 2013
I'm so glad I heard about this movie, it's been forever since we've taken our whole family to a movie together (that wasn't a cartoon!). I appreciated the entertainment, the message, the great music and mostly---that we could see ourselves represented on-screen (church, worship music, love and limits and mistakes and still love). Thankful to Cinemark for showing this movie, keep it up! We want more!
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Super powerful

By mamma800
Written October 05, 2013
this is a MUST see. although it has some drinking in it the message of God's unfailing love has never been clearer. we plan on purchasing this when it comes out on video
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Show Support for This Film

By jescott21
Written October 07, 2013
I saw a preview of this movie last Thursday. I was very impressed by the movie and went back to see it on Sunday. Good acting; great message; no embarrassing language or content to spoil the telling of the story. My only disappointment is that there were not a lot of people in the theater to see it. The more we can support movies like this, the more of them will get produced. I plan to go back and see it at least one more time. I hope that many more people will join me in supporting this film and others like it.
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Sweet movie with lots of heart!

By Aurora13
Written October 11, 2013
My daughter and I loved this movie and highly recommend it! Wish they made more movies like this because the world would be a better place if they did. The music was great and AJ Michalka has such a beautiful voice. I can't wait to buy the soundtrack! The acting was really good and the characters were totally relatable and likeable. We left the theatre smiling and happy. WELL DONE!
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