Grace Unplugged

By mmbugster
Written October 05, 2013
This is an awesome movie!!!!! We need to support more Christian movies!!! Let the name of Jesus be lifted higher!!!! Go see this movie it displays the mercy, compassion and forgiveness that God has toward us!!!
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Grace Unplugged

By maggie's mom
Written October 12, 2013
So nice to have a movie with a positive message. There are tons of movies full of violence, sex and bad language but its hard to find a movie that you can leave with a good message and still very entertaining. Enjoyed this movie, great music, great message and fun for the whole family.
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A Breath of Fresh Air

By cwest4mk
Written October 06, 2013
It was exciting to go see this movie and to see the theatre packed! It was a good, entertaining movie. I was prepared for a "Chick Flick," and warned my hubbie and son. Guess what - they thoroughly enjoyed it too! It was such a nice change of pace to take the family to a movie, where I didn't have to cringe - second guessing if I should have brought my child. We all have decisions to make in life. We have to decide between right and wrong - and having a moral compass. I think this movie outlines well - the choices young women have to make as they mature. The story was interesting. The relationships were developed well, and the music was great! I will be buying the Soundtrack to this movie -
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Grace Unplugged

By lauriemccorkle
Written October 07, 2013
Great movie! Took our youth group and all said that they were happy they went. Great lessons that what you think you want isn't always the best thing. That if you trust in God in his time all things are possible.
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Grce Unplugged

By charley6711
Written October 04, 2013
WE plan on seeing this great movie as many times as we can while it is in the theaters. Great theme ults.with great res You must go and see this movie.
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