Great Movie!

By c1martin
Written October 14, 2013
Everyone should see this movie, its about real life lessons and temptations and running from God and how He will always be there waiting for you no matter what you have done. So many great stories and points!
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By andrewhebert
Written October 05, 2013
My wife and I enjoyed this film. While starting a bit slow, there was a lot of realism in the film. I've had those conversations with my own children. You can't watch this film and end up being a better parent. You can;t watch this film as a youth and make better decisions in life.
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Solid Good Movie

By claycollinsmusic
Written October 07, 2013
I am going to do this movie the honor of a real review. Not a fake review given by Christians who will give a good review because the movie had Christian values in it. All in all this was a very touching and inspiring film with a very good script and characters. This may be the first Christian film that I was not embarrassed by. It's not without it's flaws. It gets off to a rocky start. It was hard for me to hear the opening song and realize that the song would be a focal point of the movie. It just made me think, wow but a duddy song. I'm also not sure it was the best idea to start out a movie with a worship service. What translates on Sunday morning doesn't necessarily translate on the screen. It had the negative effect of portraying Christian music as boring and secular music as awesome. On the good side there were some powerfully executed scenes that made it all worth it. I do recommend this movie. Let's make more content like this.
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By lesleyjms37
Written November 05, 2013
Thank you Fandago for playing Christian movies in the theater. We are so happy to have quality alternatives to choose when going to the movies. This was a very good movie about choices and consequences. It related to real life situations which led to great conversation for our family afterwards. Thank hou for taking a step in the right direction....and please play more!
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Great film with a powerful message!

By partyof9
Written October 07, 2013
Learning what we think we want isn't always really want we want is a hard lesson as teens, but Grace Unplugged shows it in an entertaining and poignant way. Heartwarming and enjoyable! A must see for teens and families and for anyone who wants to see a movie with solid acting, a dramatic storyline and great music. Don't miss this one!
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