A Searing Portrait of Goya's world

By D4Reel
Written July 21, 2007
Like a Goya painting, this film doesn't flinch in delivering its dark vision. It's actually more about the time and place in which Goya lived, than the painter himself. The film's portrait of fanaticism, religion and how those two forces played out in the politics of the late 1700's is of course very relevant today. The cast delivers a strong, nuanced performance with Javier Bardem delivering an all-time great performance as Lorenzo. Randy Quaid is also good in a surprising turn as the king of Spain. The film is beautiful to look at, even at its most disturbing moments. Foreman creats a rich, detailed world reminiscent of his work in Amadeus. Its definitely a world worth seeing and experiencing.
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By riviera
Written July 28, 2007
This is Just the kind of movie that I like most! It tells the factual story of figures in history and, most appealing to me, one is an artist. It reveals a window through which we view the culture and turmoil of a particular time and place. Through the perspectives of its fascinating characters we observe how each either becomes a victim or a survivor of the changing times in which they live. It seems particularly applicable to our own current struggles with politics, religion and social upheaval.
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This is not megaplex pablum

By theironduke
Written July 29, 2007
So, if you read critical reviews, they are right. there is not a clean and simple plot with a clean and simple hero. The gross historical dates are correct, and the portrayal of the Spanish Inquisition, while horrible, is actually not as brutal as the real thing. This director uses the screen like a canvas, and fans of Michael Mann will LOVE this movie.
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Goya's Ghosts

By swyman
Written August 14, 2007
Forman's direction and staging are magnificent! The subjects and people depicted by Goya in his sketches, cartoons and portraits come alive in this wonderful movie. Natalie Portman's acting is stupendous, ably support by Bardem and Skarsgard. Randy Quaid as the billious king is wonderful. The Spain of the late 18th and early 19th centuries is quite accurately portrayed, as are the excesses of the Spanish Church of that period. This film is a masterpiece.
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ghosts is ghastly

By dcfilmfanatic
Written July 30, 2007
went to this movie knowing it had gotten mixed (well, let's face it, mostly poor) reviews and left thinking i should believe what i read. great cast totally misused, too many accents, ridiculous plot. i will go see javier bardem in any movie he's in, but after this, i might have to change it to "almost any." it is beautiful to look at and that's something, but that's about all i can say for it.
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