Gordon Harker
Date of Birth
Aug 07, 1885
Birth Place:
London, England, UK

Worked With

Year Name Title
1959 Alastair Sim Left, Right and Center
1959 Bill Shine Left, Right and Center
1959 Russell Waters Left, Right and Center
1959 Sidney Gilliat Left, Right and Center
1959 Richard Wattis Left, Right and Center
1959 Ian Carmichael Left, Right and Center
1959 Eric Barker Left, Right and Center
1959 Hattie Jacques Left, Right and Center
1959 John Salew Left, Right and Center
1959 Frederick Leister Left, Right and Center
1957 Marie Lohr Small Hotel
1957 Janet Munro Small Hotel
1957 Billie Whitelaw Small Hotel
1956 Marianne Stone A Touch of the Sun
1956 Frankie Howerd A Touch of the Sun
1956 Richard Wattis A Touch of the Sun
1956 Dennis Price A Touch of the Sun
1956 Reginald Beckwith A Touch of the Sun
1955 Megs Jenkins Out of the Clouds
1955 James Robertson Justice Out of the Clouds
1955 Bernard Lee Out of the Clouds
1955 Robert Beatty Out of the Clouds
1955 William Franklyn Out of the Clouds
1955 Marie Lohr Out of the Clouds
1954 Philip Saville Bang! You're Dead
1954 Beatrice Varley Bang! You're Dead
1954 Michael Medwin Bang! You're Dead
1954 Derek Farr Bang! You're Dead
1952 Michael Ripper Derby Day
1952 Sam Kydd Derby Day
1952 John McCallum Derby Day
1952 Anna Neagle Derby Day
1952 Richard Wattis Derby Day
1952 Googie Withers Derby Day
1952 Nigel Stock Derby Day
1950 Johnnie Schofield The Second Mate
1950 Sam Kydd The Second Mate
1949 Robert Beatty Quel Bandito Sono Io
1949 Max Adrian Quel Bandito Sono Io
1949 Jean Kent Quel Bandito Sono Io
1949 Margaret Rutherford Quel Bandito Sono Io
1945 Megs Jenkins Facts of Love
1945 Guy Middleton Facts of Love
1943 Finlay Currie Warn That Man
1943 Anthony Holles Warn That Man
1943 John Salew Warn That Man
1943 Carl Jaffe Warn That Man
1943 Jean Kent Warn That Man
1941 John Salew Mail Train
1941 O.B. Clarence Mail Train
1941 Wally Patch Mail Train
1941 Bill Shine Mail Train
1941 Phyllis Calvert Mail Train
1941 Cyril Cusack Mail Train
1941 Percy Walsh Mail Train
1941 Alastair Sim Mail Train
1941 Edward Underdown Mail Train
1941 Bernard Lee Once a Crook
1941 Wally Patch Once a Crook
1941 Kathleen Harrison Once a Crook
1941 Cyril Cusack Once a Crook
1941 John Salew Once a Crook
1941 Felix Aylmer Once a Crook
1940 O.B. Clarence Saloon Bar
1940 Felix Aylmer Saloon Bar
1940 Roddy Hughes Saloon Bar
1940 Eliot Makeham Saloon Bar
1940 Torin Thatcher Saloon Bar
1940 Mervyn Johns Saloon Bar
1940 Roddy McDowall Saloon Bar
1939 Alastair Sim Inspector Hornleigh
1939 Edward Underdown Inspector Hornleigh
1939 Wally Patch Inspector Hornleigh
1939 Gibb McLaughlin Inspector Hornleigh
1939 Eliot Makeham Inspector Hornleigh
1939 Alastair Sim Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday
1939 Kynaston Reeves Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday
1939 Wally Patch Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday
1939 Linden Travers Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday
1938 Sally Gray Lightning Conductor
1938 Ernst Thesiger Lightning Conductor
1938 George "Gabby" Hayes No Parking
1938 Una O'Connor The Return of the Frog
1938 George "Gabby" Hayes The Return of the Frog
1937 Margaret Rutherford Beauty and the Barge
1937 Jack Hawkins Beauty and the Barge
1937 Ronald Shiner Beauty and the Barge
1937 Gordon McLeod The Frog
1937 Jack Hawkins The Frog
1937 Felix Aylmer The Frog
1937 Noah Beery, Sr. The Frog
1936 Coral Browne The Amateur Gentleman
1936 Elissa Landi The Amateur Gentleman
1936 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. The Amateur Gentleman
1936 Basil Sydney The Amateur Gentleman
1936 Margaret Lockwood The Amateur Gentleman
1936 Percy Walsh Boys Will Be Boys
1936 Norma Varden Boys Will Be Boys
1936 Charles Farrell Boys Will Be Boys
1936 Will Hay Boys Will Be Boys
1936 Anthony Holles Millions
1936 Gibb McLaughlin Two's Company
1936 Ned Sparks Two's Company
1936 Patric Knowles Two's Company
1936 Mary Brian Two's Company
1936 Lilli Palmer Wolf's Clothing
1936 George "Gabby" Hayes Wolf's Clothing
1935 Wilfrid Hyde-White Admirals All
1935 Wynne Gibson Admirals All
1935 Percy Walsh Admirals All
1935 Ben Welden Admirals All
1935 Gibb McLaughlin Hyde Park Corner
1935 Eric Portman Hyde Park Corner
1935 Donald Wolfit Hyde Park Corner
1935 Ralph Truman The Lad
1935 Geraldine Fitzgerald The Lad
1935 Ian Hunter The Phantom Light
1935 Stanley Holloway Squibs
1935 Ronald Shiner Squibs
1935 O.B. Clarence Squibs
1934 Lucien Littlefield Dirty Work
1934 Oliver Hardy Dirty Work
1934 Cecil Parker Dirty Work
1934 Stan Laurel Dirty Work
1934 Basil Sydney Dirty Work
1934 Felix Aylmer My Old Dutch
1934 Bill Shine My Old Dutch
1934 Ronald Shiner My Old Dutch
1934 Finlay Currie My Old Dutch
1934 Emlyn Williams Road House
1934 Marie Lohr Road House
1934 Stanley Holloway Road House
1933 Wally Patch Britannia of Billingsgate
1933 Anthony Holles Britannia of Billingsgate
1933 Gibb McLaughlin Britannia of Billingsgate
1933 John Mills Britannia of Billingsgate
1933 Eliot Makeham Friday the 13th
1933 Ralph Richardson Friday the 13th
1933 Wally Patch Friday the 13th
1933 Jessie Matthews Friday the 13th
1933 Gibb McLaughlin Friday the 13th
1933 O.B. Clarence Friday the 13th
1933 Martita Hunt Friday the 13th
1933 Edmund Gwenn Friday the 13th
1933 Emlyn Williams Friday the 13th
1933 Esther Ralston Rome Express
1933 Cedric Hardwicke Rome Express
1933 Conrad Veidt Rome Express
1933 Finlay Currie Rome Express
1933 Eliot Makeham Rome Express
1933 Ray Milland This Is the Life
1933 Ben Welden This Is the Life
1933 Gibb McLaughlin White Face
1932 Edna Best Bachelor's Folly
1932 Herbert Marshall Bachelor's Folly
1932 Arthur Wontner Condemned to Death
1932 Edmund Gwenn Condemned to Death
1932 Emlyn Williams Criminal at Large
1932 Cathleen Nesbitt Criminal at Large
1932 Finlay Currie Criminal at Large
1932 Miles Malleson Love on Wheels
1932 Jack Hulbert Love on Wheels
1932 Martita Hunt Love on Wheels
1932 Roland Culver Love on Wheels
1932 Edmund Gwenn Love on Wheels
1932 Lawrence Hanray Love on Wheels
1932 Esmond Knight The Ringer
1931 Jacqueline Logan Shadows
1931 Wally Patch Shadows
1931 Derrick de Marney Shadows
1931 Wally Patch The Sport of Kings
1931 Colin Clive The Stronger Sex
1931 Elsa Lanchester The Stronger Sex
1931 Gibb McLaughlin Third Time Lucky
1931 Madeleine Carroll The W Plan
1931 Brian Aherne The W Plan
1931 Gibb McLaughlin The W Plan
1930 Madeleine Carroll The Crooked Billet
1930 Nigel Bruce Escape
1930 Jean Cadell Escape
1930 Ian Hunter Escape
1930 Felix Aylmer Escape
1930 Madeleine Carroll Escape
1930 Edna Best Escape
1930 Percy Marmont The Squeaker
1930 Nigel Bruce The Squeaker
1929 John Stuart Taxi for Two
1929 Benita Hume The Wrecker
1928 Gibb McLaughlin The Farmer's Wife
1927 Carl Brisson The Ring
1927 Charles Farrell The Ring
1927 Ian Hunter The Ring
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