Goosebumps Synopsis
A young kid teams up with the niece of young adult horror author R.L. Stine after the writer's imaginary demons are set free on the town of Greendale, Maryland.
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By joleneward1
Loved it! Jack Black was great as R.L Stine, who started writing because he was bullied in school. He believed in his characters so much that they came to life so he has to lock them away(in their...


By Batman5201
i loved it, and I'm 22 yrs old! but more importantly my nephew loved, and actually knew some of the stories referenced!...

Jack black goosebumps in digital 3-d

By Currikyl000
I want to see that film in digital reald 3d Because is a awesome movie And I like it....

good movie funny

By miguel3806


By mzuni1876
good movie to spike the interest for kids to want to read goosebumps books....


By kittie8485
I am a 30 yr old fan of the books & original show, and I absolutely loved this creative twist! It's really great how they incorporated the author; and jack Black, who mostly annoys me because he...

great movie for the family!

By edgarjuarez417
It's definitely a great movie for kids of all ages, even the kid in us. It's not like the original series from the 90's which was meant to actually scare. The film had a lot of good laughs, jack...

Our 6yr old loved it!

By jkriley

Hilarious and just the right amount of spook for the 5+

Awesome movie! For the child that is into scary (nightmare before Christmas) this will perhaps be too tamed but for the child that finds a little haunt from scooby-doo they will love defently a...

Goosedumb but Goosegood for kids

By rmbakos
Jack Black is awesome. His character really carries the movie. As an adult it missed the "Wow" factor but the kids loved it and were laughing throughout it. So good for kids. Parents bring a book...

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Rated PG | For for scary and intense creature action and images, and for some rude humor
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Common Sense Media says Action, monsters, humor in R.L. Stine adaptation.
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