Good Luck? Chuck

By Daydream
Written September 24, 2007
Dane Cook does a phenomenal job in this movie. He is goofy funny throughout the whole film and Jessica is just what he needs. They make a great match. Dan Fogler, lead actor in Balls of Fury, is Dane's wing man that is just obnoxiously funny. There are a lot of Laughs and a lot of Nudity. Everyone in the theatre was laughing. (male, female, young and old). If you are looking for a lot of laughs and a raunchy-romantic comedy this is the one for you. Word of warning: this movie has some graphic scenes. It is most likely rated R becasue of all the boobs, sexual humor and sex scenes.
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Good Luck Chuck

By ironman15
Written July 27, 2009
this is not that good of movie. there were some funny parts. and then some really stupid parts. the plot was ok. and i thought Dane Cook was funny. and Dan Fogler was funny also. but Jessica Albe could of done a little bit better. but overall it waset that good. my rating piece of sh** my grade F- stars 1.5/10 ratings better then sex full price matinee rental some ol bull****
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Do not go...I have never written a review before...

By AllTimeMovieLover
Written September 23, 2007
I have gone to these reviews to determine if I'd go to a movie in the past. I didn't today. I still see viewers voting 'go' but, I actually had to make a user profile today to give a review today myself of 'Oh NO'. Because I have never been exposed to a more HORRIBLE movie than this one. In the future I will know better and will walk out of the movie. I've never been exposed to a movie that was so wrong in every way. I covered my eyes and closed them for half of it...and the three times I felt like getting up to walk out. I should have. So, that is my fault. But, I felt so convicted to warn people about this movie that I just couldn't let this go without writing. It was mainly the sexual parts that were to the extreme in crossing even the most inappropriate boundaries. I've never thought in a million years that a movie like this would be made for the general public to even view. Now that I know I'll be more prepared to just stand up and walk out...because it doesn't get any better.
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Not at all...

By AbbeyTay918
Written September 19, 2007
Obviously, this movie is not what I expected at all. Understanding that the movie was rated R, I knew to expect some raunchiness... but the level of raunchiness I experienced here was intolerable. Had the movie not been free, I would have gotten up and left. The plot of the story was subset to the actual sex scenes with Dane (not that I can complain about seeing Dane Cook naked, but it was overly excessive and not very tastefully done). I also suggest you leave before the credits begin and don't watch the film of that. Overall I was very disappointed with this movie and would have been highly pissed off had I or my date spent $20 bucks on a date to this movie. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.
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Stay away! Write a letter of protest!

By RayQ1
Written September 30, 2007
I took my wife to this film, expecting a romantic comedy. What we endured instead were scenes of oral sex with a penguin, masturbation with a grapefruit, and crass, mindless, stupidity. This is not clever, witty, funny, or enjoyable. When the movie was over I apologized to my wife. Dane Cook, you owe us an apology. This was offensive.
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