By birac
Written October 20, 2009
black power black pride black black black. they have accused caucasians of oppression,racism etc etc for no more reason than misled views far in the past. they have gained special privileges and favoritism and made the white population into guilt ridden yesmen. yet they are not "proud" enough of themselves to be themselves,stealing our HAIR LOOKS AND STYLES . If your so stuck on yourSELVES as a people,why are you so ashamed of your God given looks and hair?
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Don't Waste Your Time or Money!!!

By desi o
Written October 15, 2009
This movie did not show any of the postive effects of having a trained hair stylist. They showed the outrageous aspects and the under belly of our industry. The beauty salon is a big part of the African-American female community where we come together to share experiences and life lessons. A good salon not only offers good hair dressing by responsible stylists who teach their clients about proper hair care and maintenance but also a place to network for women of all classes. There are many professional and respectful women that get their hair done by responsible stylist with a wide variety of styles and hair textures. Your hair is not defined by your skin color. There are many excellent products for chemically treated hair that when administered by a professional can give your client a beautiful, healthy head of hair. While we are not ashamed of the measures that we take to maintain our hair we will not accept the one-sided stereotypical views that have been portrayed here.
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Good Hair

By mizcola
Written October 21, 2009
This movie was funny yet very informative. With anything that makes money there is deception...had anyone ever wondered where all that expensive "100% Indian Hair" come from? Go see the movie!
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Very Informative!

By lanelle_delina
Written October 13, 2009
I found this documentary to be funny, yet well researched. It is a must see for EVERYONE struggling with poor self image. It really makes light of hair weaves and how women are spending so much money into something so mundane. I was surprised to learn the source of weaves. Yuck! Made me really think about where all that money could be going to improve our lives, eg. eating healthier food, paying for secular education or money towards home ownership. I have never worn a weave and never will! Glad this documentary highlighted the foolishness of vanity. Who better to do it than Chris Rock!
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Five Word Review

By lewbraith
Written October 19, 2009
enjoyed informative funny interesting good
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