By classyshe
Written April 02, 2009
It was interesting. I really like the movie although it had a few slightly distrubing seens. Loved the end. Wish I could have known more about why the guy was living like he was a he took the the woman they way he did.
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Five Word Review

By Drez_Digital
Written April 03, 2010
Oddball Romance That Somehow Works
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By Sexxybabbbyxoxo
Written March 08, 2011
This movie was ahhhh-mazinnng.! The guy is sexxxxayyy.! Vanessa hudgens is a gorgeous & outstanding actress in this movie.Vanessa has one hot, sexy, nice abs boyfriend ( zac efron,). Damnnnn well this was a great movie but they should've used a better guy. Uhhhhhm zac efron helllllo.!!!! I wasn't really paying attention at the end of the movie bc I was making out with my bf so idk how it ended.(;
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