Goodbye Mr Loser (Xia Luo Te Fan Nao) Synopsis
Shen Teng and Mai Li star in this film adaptation of the very popular Mainland theater play following the story of a middle-aged loser who finds himself magically transported back to his high school years, enabling him to fix all his life’s mistakes.

Movie Reviews

very good new style Chinese movie

By alberta1988
it's worth u to take some time !...

Pride of Chinese Comedy

By luzhrare
Absolutely worth the ticket...


By x-mengao

An awesome movie!

By jacky464
Very funny! And touching!...


By info632
This movie rocks....

Great movie.

By mzjava
A good movie makes you laugh or cry. A great movie makes you think. But this one makes you think after laughing and crying....

??? ???????!

By aileen9708


By liyanzhe1990happy

The best movie in the past 5 years

By lk900110
As an original Chinese, I would highly recommend this excellent movie for all people. Personally, I will rate this movie the BEST during the past 5 years in Chinese film history. The actors are all...

Awesome and touchy

By junlinr
It's a really great movie for us to recall the memory of our childhood. Really enjoyed...

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Rated PG-13