Really? The best you could do, really?

By peggyslow
Written August 02, 2008
Any fan of Hunter Thompson will recognize almost every frame of this "new" documentary from previous works. The notable exception being the commentary of his must wonder what he would think of that ...there are so many aspects of his life and work that have not been extensively covered, but they are not here. I guess it would have cost more to do any real research and find a real untold story, no money was spent on that here. It would have taken a REAL writer to tell a new story and you won't find one of those here either. This is simply a greedhead attempt to make another buck off the legend and the participants should be ashamed of themselves.
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By MustangMom
Written August 20, 2008
Well-put together documentary about Hunter S. Thompson ~ with a great soundtrack! :-)
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hunter rules

By humperdink13
Written June 06, 2008
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By elvisthewonderdog
Written July 05, 2008
Great documentary on Hunter S. Thompson. A little longer than I expected (close to 2 1/2 hours) but there was so much about the man's life that was interesting it could have lasted 12 hours. Definitely worth seeing. And worth considering what a man like Thompson would be saying about the current presidential race.
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A Beginner's Ride

By chrisacip1419
Written August 05, 2008
If you're into HST's work and consider yourself relatively informed about the man, Gonzo may just be a refresher course with more details. The doc uses a lot of excerpts from the BBC piece featured on the Fear & Loathing Criterior edition, which is half as long as this feature and, in my opinion, more effective. The rest of Gonzo pieces together archival footage, interviews with key people in the author's life, and and old photos combined with decent reenactments (although sometimes the fading together of images trick gets old). The best thing I can say is that I was happy to see HST's first wife Sandy and son Juan interviewed quite intimately. Juan especially is a complete mystery to me, as he rarely goes on record about his dad. Sandy offered great insights, and his flakey last wife brought home the idea that HST's mamoth ego was probably too much for a truly strong and intelligent gal. Some great rare pics and footage are what make Gonzo worth watching.
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