Gone with the Wind Synopsis
Civil War rogue Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) loves Southern belle Scarlett O'Hara (Vivien Leigh).
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Gone With The Wind

By javimu111
I have seen this movie countless times. In MANY theaters and cities. And at the Arclight in Hollywood and at the old Cinerama Dome and at the Academy of Motion Pictures theater on Wilshire. And at...

Greatest Movie of all time

By Dibber
There is a reason that this movie was nominated for 14 oscars. If you have never seen it, take this chance to see it on the big screen.....

Gone with the Wind

By jojo100
My 18 year old granddaughter and I saw it last night at the theatre. It was wonderful to see this film in such clarity and on the big screen. It's awesome to know that this film was made in 1939...

Anuual showing of Gone With The Wind

By casablancalily
This is becoming one of my favorite Thanksgiving weekend traditions! The American Cinematique plays this every year and this year was the best yet! A fully restored digital version gave us the best...

Tomorrow is Another Day!

By Minerva Jayne
If you are a fan of classic movies, then this is a must see on the big screen. It doesn't happen often that we get to see Gone With The Wind in brilliant living color on a big screen. It is even more...

Great Classic

By jimpridgway
This was my first time to see Gone with the Wind all the way through. Such a wonderful movie. You get so much more out of the movie seeing it on the big screen of the theater. If you are ever given...


By RosieB80
I've seen this movie so many times at home that I am unable to count. I've always wanted to see it at the Movie Theater and I was NOT disappointed. It was such a great experience. Definitely the best...

Words Can't say how great this movie is....

By Basketcase123
My whole life I heard people say how amazing this movie was and i thought oh it can't be that great. Then one night on TCM the had it on so I thought what the hell I'll see what everyone is so crazy...


By orenholderfield
best movie ever made...

Gone with the Wind

By halo31

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Common Sense Media says Still one of Hollywood's best sweeping epics.
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