A Dark Thriller with Oscar Potential

By ColtonMoondog
Written February 23, 2015
This movie absolutely blew my mind. I read the widely popular 2012 novel of the same name and thought I knew what I was walking into. My expectations were thrown out of the water. David Fincher (famous for directing The Social Network) created a dark and twisted thriller that kept me watching intently and surprised me at every turn, even though I knew the plot well. Ben Affleck portrayed Nick Dunne in such a manner that I seriously wasn't sure of his actions or motives (in other words, perfectly). Rosamund Pike could not have played a better Amy Elliott Dunne. These two actors brought to life a curdling marriage that terrified me throughout the film. In addition to the acting, keep an ear out for the music. Reznor and Ross have orchestrated yet another beautiful score. Wickedly twisted, this is not a film for the light-hearted. This two-and-a-half hour crime drama thriller will keep your attention throughout and will leave you questioning how well you truly know those around you.
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Way Gone Girl

By brucelerner
Written February 24, 2015
Maybe one has to read the book in order to have any appreciation for this film, although I highly doubt that that would have made things any better. This was a horribly acted, horribly written and only moderately well directed film. I like David Fincher. I loved Social Network. I loved Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. This, however, is a dismal film. The only redeeming aspect of this effort was an outstanding performance by Rosamund Pike. But it was a diamond in a sewer of otherwise disjointed filmmaking.
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If you like suspense--this is your movie!

By merreej915
Written January 30, 2015
Just watched "Gone Girl" last night. I had read the book previously and was concerned that since I knew what was going to happen it would ruin the movie. I was very wrong!!!Much of what I had pictured while reading the book was exactly point on in the movie. Sometimes while bringing a book to life in a movie a lot is lost in the translation----not in this case. I highly recommend seeing this movie. Every character was cast perfectly. The acting kept you engaged at all times--waiting to see what was going to happen next. This movie keeps you thinking even after it's over--wondering--could this really happen? Maybe be a little nicer to your partner?!!!!! Something that I didn't realize was going on until after the movie was over was the music----very eerie and help makes the suspense more thrilling! Go See This Movie!!!!!
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By lisaarmele
Written January 30, 2015
Went into this movie having not read the book so no expectations.... Wow, was it twisted! All the actors where amazing and believable and likable. So much going on I think I need to see it again... As for the ending... You'll be thinking & talking about it forever!!
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Gone Girl

By kelleyjdonnell
Written February 21, 2015
Thought this movie was very close to the book. Read the book and liked the movie just as much. Even my boyfriend thought it was a good movie.
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