Gone Baby Gone Synopsis
Two detectives search for a 4-year-old girl who has been kidnapped in Boston.
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Screening in Ventura, CA

By supertrooper81
I saw this movie a few months ago, and it was definitely a good movie, but had some extremely disturbing scenes. In the end, the main charactor must make a difficult decision, and it's hard to...

Gone Baby Gone.

By Daydream
This strong directing debut by Ben Affleck was very well written and full of intense dialogue. As private detectives, Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan investigate a case of a missing child. Amy...

great acting casey affleck and ed harris

By xxkarmaxx
I saw the movie the day it came out. And it was a great movie Ed Harris and Casey Affleck were great. this movie was very good. it will win an oscer for best mystery. THIS IS A MUST GO MOVIE!!!...

see it

By eileenie
a sad tale that shakes your core. you leave the movie wondering what foundation really lies in people's hearts. casey affleck showcases that he has serious acting chops in this flick....

Mixed Feelings

By 920
I rated this so-so for the plot, but would give it a must go for Ben Affleck's directing and Casey's acting. They make a great team.. Amy Ryan was fantastic as well. The movie has a few interesting...

Gone Baby Gone

By Susan Abramson
This movie had a good premise but was very slow moving. I thought it was over after the first 45 minutes and somehow they found a way to make it go on. I don't recommend it!...

Gone Baby Gone

By Shelbe888
Great writing and acting, with an overall performance that stood up to the book itself. Amy Ryan was amazing in her role as the missing child's mother....


By MooVeeLover
I did not get a chance to see this movie in theater, but I was REALLY glad I saw it on DVD. It was like watching the Affleck brothers each come into their own in front of your eyes. Casey did a great...

Low Class

By Ed Duff
We decided to leave the show within 5 minutes of the start. Too many F... words and M..F..words. So we got up to leave and were hit with at least 20 more before we could get out of the room. Totally...

Gone Baby Gone

By grlassin
This movie will be up for multiple Oscars. Great story presented in an offbeat way with a lot of head scratching throughout this "whodunit." Comes together very nicely at the end. Enjoyed it...

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Rated R | For violence, drug content and pervasive language
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Common Sense Media says Deeply affecting crime thriller for grownups.
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