Never great...

By pedsarq
Written February 26, 2012
This is a low-budget thriller about a young woman who was abducted by a serial killer and managed to escape. The cops never believed her and she ended up in an insane asylum before moving in with her sister. She has been working on her recovery, but also her martial arts. When her sister is taken, she understakes the investigation on her own with the cops hot on her trail. There are some moments in this movie where it's interesting, just not enough of them. In fact, this movie feels more like a bad TV movie. I would recommend that not got to the movies and spend your money on it. If you decide to go, make sure it's to a bargain matinee so you don't spend too much.
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Gone ...... to DVD

By Darkola
Written February 24, 2012
I'm not sure why, but this past year or two most of the movies coming out just seem to be par, and this one falls into that same catagory. This is a lady who was kidnapped and escaped her killer, then as time goes on, the killer comes back and kidnaps her sister, thinking its her, and she has to find her. The movie tries to make you wonder if its in her head, or if this is really happening, and they do a poor job of that, there is one cop in particular that they throw into the movie to mislead you into wondering who the kidnapper is, and the storyline with this cop is just terrible, things he says to her that are lies, yet serve no purpose, except to try and distract you from figuring out who the real kidnapper is. The story is just so so, that acting is just ok. I am always disappointed spending this kind of money to go to the show, to see a movie that, to be honest, is par with many made for tv movies and they put no real expense into this movie, nothing over the top. 2 stars of 4
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Not Boring, But Typical..

By movie-pro
Written February 24, 2012
We enjoyed the movie to the fullest. It's kinda typical in some respects to, Vanished, Taken, Disappeared, etc....O.K. for 13 and up... The movie moves rather quickly which keeps you interested. I just always hate it when they play the cops as uncaring dumb butts that just can't do their job and and the victim has too....3 stars...Will make a great rental for a girls slumber party....BOO...LOL Nothing special but we thought very entertaining !!
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Good movie!

By kenzie36
Written February 27, 2012
My husband and I thought it was a pretty good movie- The acting was good, just a little disappointed at the ending. We thought it could have been a little more creative instead of being so predictable. Over all, it was a good show and we are glad we went and saw it.
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Please Be Gone!

By hblongboarder
Written February 29, 2012
Serious disappointment. Hour and half of continually waiting for it to get better. Towards the end, 1/4 of the audience began chuckling at the bad, unbelievable, and corny plot. Seriously one of the worst movies I've seen in a long, long time. Wife openly admits she now owes me 2 guy movies for making me sit through this Mamma Mia gone bad wanna be thriller.
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