Its ok, but not a real entertainer

By akjain672
Written November 02, 2008
It is irritating to watch tushar kapoor's dull comedy with his dumbness. It would have been much better if he talks, rather than doing 'eeennn..", "uuunnnouuu...". the movie seems to be advertising the TV serial, "kasam se" - makes no sense. kareena doesn't look pretty at all & ajay devgun also looks old and ugly... Overall the whole movies doesn't keep you laughing, just few laughters over all.. music is loud and forgettable, photography is ordinary and story/direction is less than ordinary..
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Better than anything else out there...

By STalreja
Written November 03, 2008
I wish there was something between SO-SO and GO.... I didn't want to discourage anyone from going by putting a SO-SO as it wouldn't be right. Definatly entertaining movie with some punch lines here and there...There were times were I felt like I was getting sleepy as some things were just not as funny as it have out to be...Like a sawariyaan movie role that a girl played...Just wasn't meant for her...You guys will know what i mean...If you want comedy, this is worth watching..And yeah, i am not a kareen fan either...This movie would have been 1000x better if her sister Karishma played...
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The cheesiest

By TheRighteous
Written November 08, 2008
It's so cheap and cheesy... it's like a nacho lmao
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Not so good

By allyouwantis
Written November 04, 2008
Not funny as other 2 previous versions.
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A must see movie

By rmrnt
Written November 14, 2008
Nice, comedy movie. Best performance given by Tushar Kapoor. Best scene when Tushar tries to explain Kareena that Ajay is not dead. Also, Shreyas did good. I did not like him in Om Shanti Om, but he did very good in this movie.
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