Goldfrapp: Tales of Us Synopsis
Tales of Us’ is a unique cinema event marking the return of one of music's most breathtaking and critically acclaimed artists.

Movie Reviews

Beautifully Produced

By tjw7404
My hubby took me to see her for our date night and I am familiar with Goldfrapp but not a fan. The first 20 mins was music video but a very artistic one at that. The later part of the movie is...

Goldfrapp Tales of Us

By boobalina
The new- and old- videos were stunning and were more appreciated on the Large Screen. The idea of segueing the videos at the end of their showing and into the Live show was nice. The stage props,...


By jeanniesview
epic i cant tell you how amazing alison goldfrapp is. her music is riveting. this film is powerful the live performances are such a treat. i always wished she would do something like this. fans...

Beautifully done shorts

By dgt15
I loved the light dreamy contrast of the short films and how they were stitched together. The post-film concert was nice, but selfishly I had hoped at least a Will G sighting :) ...yes, I wanted to...


By tljester
I thought this was going to be another movie about 'how we came to be', but it ends up being much different! I love the music and you get to see some great talent play so tightly together! You can...

Goldfrapp is awesome!

By erasure1992
I really enjoyed the short movie Goldfrapp:Tales of us. I found it interesting and entertaining. However, the live concert broadcast following the movie was the best! I've seen Goldfrapp in...