What parents need to know

Parents need to know that teen action fans will definitely be drawn to the James Bond series -- and the movies play on TV so often they're hard to avoid. Per all Bond films, expect plenty of sexual energy and innuendo from 007. Though it's delivered in a frothy way, it's still pervasive. And yes, this is the Bond movie with a character named Pussy Galore. While she's depicted as an intelligent, skilled aircraft pilot, she falls literally head over heels for Bond during some rough foreplay. There are also plenty of explosions, car chases, and general action set pieces sprinkled throughout the movie. Bond is a frequent drinker who doesn't really suffer from any adverse effects. Goldfinger's henchmen and collaborators are largely Japanese men, which means that all Japanese characters in the film appear to be evil (although there are no racial slurs used or verbal stereotyping). A woman is murdered by having her naked body covered in gold (she's only shown from behind).
  • Families can talk about James Bond, sexism, and violence. Does 007's attitude toward women -- often using them as pawns or treating them as pushovers -- seem necessary to create his cool facade? Is it right for him to use the force that he does in service of his government-appointed mission? Do you think real spies act this way? Why or why not?
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