By Movie Man723
Written October 30, 2008
This big budget remake of Godzilla may not be exactly like the japanese version, but its extremely fun, and the special effects are still phenomenal 10 years later and have rarely been topped. I remember going to see this in theaters when i was in 3rd grade. Godzilla 1998 officially started my movie obsession and it couldn't have been a more exciting and incredibly action packed start. While this movie received very little credit from fans and critics, its a fun way to look back to the amazing action films of the 90's, This movie will always hold a special place in my heart no matter what. Godzilla truly is the King of the Monsters.
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Gojira - Reel Quick!

By wtlasley
Written August 04, 2016
What makes Honda's premier 'Gojira' picture a masterpiece is not the titular monster, but the people and story surrounding him. The real, substantial dread stems from the paranoia and melancholy that plagued post-WWII Japan. What followed, of course, was a slew of dumb (but often enjoyable) sequels and imitators, but none of them achieved the true beauty of the original.
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