By dmaslyn
Written September 18, 2010
This wasn't Oscar material but it was fun enough. (Better than many recent so-called romantic comedies.) Barrymore and Long were believable enough. Applegate and Gaffigan in their supporting parts added to the film too... understated funny (Would've LOVED more of both of them. Some funny and off the wall scenes made us laugh. We liked Long's roommate's "soundtrack" from the next room, the spray tanning, the dining room scene and the follow up Thanksgiving dinner scene. (Not kids appropriate with some of the sex scenes.) We liked it! And we say "go".
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Five Word Review

By msfit08
Written September 08, 2010
Too Many F******G Swear Words!!
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By love2watchu
Written September 18, 2010
i LOVED it...very very funny..the worked great together. for me, at least it was unpredictable...such is life! go see it for a great laugh!
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Quirky, refreshing, adorable, surprising. HILARIOUS. Tons of fun.

By AhhRealDevon
Written September 03, 2010
This movie was definitely Knocked Up meets When Harry Met Sally. It's smart and believable, the actors are real and I didn't check my phone once which is saying a lot for me considering I'm constantly doing it. My MOTHER and I both enjoyed it, yeah it was dirty in parts but FUN dirty - I am so glad I went and saw this movie. Best Rom Com since 500 Days of Summer. Justin Long and Drew Barrymore have some serious movie magic happening in this one(: GO SEE IT.
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Five Word Review

By Sienasilverstone
Written September 23, 2010
Cute... But Not Watch Again
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