• Released
  • April 18, 2014
  • (Limited, Film Forum New York City)
  • 1 hr 38 min
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Interesting as a historical artifact

By spam567
Written May 13, 2014
You'll be disappointed if you're expecting either a special-effects masterpiece or an opportunity to display your snarky, MST3K-style condescension (as several college kids attempted at the screening I attended, before they were shamed out of the theater). But as a rare look at Japanese filmmaking and cultural attitudes a scant nine years after losing two major cities to atomic bombs, it offers a fascinating perspective that few outside of Japan have experienced. This is a far different film from the butchered version with Raymond Burr inserted after the fact that most sci-fi fans are familiar with; the anti-nuclear subtext and metaphors are emphasized to a greater degree, and the Japanese style of storytelling will be jarring in some instances. With an all-new version of 'Godzilla' hitting theaters this spring, the 1954 original provides some important historical context for the origin of both the monster and the enduring franchise that he spawned.
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original is as bad as the remake.

By glennwhelan
Written May 11, 2014
(spoiler) Godzilla is killed by an "oxygen destroyer". that should tell you enough.
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By CarmenPeluso532016840
Written May 04, 2016
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Original is always at #1

By AdrianMichael1
Written February 02, 2015
Best Godzilla film of all time
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