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What parents need to know

Parents need to that this take on Godzilla has relentless, near-constant sci-fi action/destruction on a massive scale. Although there isn't anything particularly gory, the smashing and crushing and pounding might be scary for younger kids, especially since some scenes feature children extremely frightened and afraid for their lives (a child also witnesses the destruction of his parents' workplace from afar). Early in the movie, a man watches his wife die as part of a terrible accident; her death impacts him significantly. Expect some mild swearing, a few kisses between a couple, and minor social drinking. Fans of the original film will be glad to know that the giant radioactive monster, when he does make an appearance, is still impressive after all these years (and better special effects).
  • Families can talk about Godzilla's violence and destruction. How does the impact of the kind of massive-scale devastation seen in this kind of a movie compare to more realistic violence? Do you think these kinds of movies can desensitize viewers to violence?
  • Why do you think Godzilla has been remade so many times? What do you think filmmakers hope to achieve by remaking a classic? How often do you prefer remakes to the original?
  • Talk about the idea of man subverting nature. Do you think humanity has done that? And if so, what do you think the effects are? How does the movie address this theme?
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