By Donna30
Written August 31, 2014
Excellent Movie! If you believe in GOD or if you are even questioning if there is a GOD, then you must go see. I believe if you are questioning things this will put it in a new light.
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Well Done

By mjustus2
Written March 21, 2014
This movie was much better than I expected! I have seen some "Christian" films that I found, well, trite, or that I would call pablum. My expectations being a bit, sadly, low, I expected a "straight to DVD" type of movie. HOWEVER, I found it to be (I must admit, surprisingly) well done. Yes, it's about students whose faith is challenged, and the challenges facing them because of that faith. There are other discussions, though. Discussions about faith in a world where many do not believe God exists, and the arguments for and against that existence, arguments that are thought out. The ending is not what we expected. I'm not telling. I got someone .... less than interested... in the topic to go with me. After all, it has Kevin Sorbo and "superman" (and they don't play the "good guys" you remember). I just hoped for the best. My guest said he liked the movie. I watched him paying close attention; so, thank you to those responsible for the film. I'm sure he's thinking.
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God is Alive & Well in America

By patapickering
Written September 25, 2014
This is a awesome must see movie for all ages. It shows you that Christians will not be pushed aside in todays world. We have let our country or should I say government take God out of some of the things that have made our country great. Why do you think our country has always been so great, we are a God loving nation, "in God we trust" and he has shown his love for us by making us the greatest country in the world. What a awesome God we have!!! I am proud to be a Christian and I hope that this is just the beginning for speaking up to preserve our faith. A great cast and a heartwarming story. Go Jesus...
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God's not Dead

By FRMMessina
Written August 19, 2014
One of the best movies I have ever seen. When the audience claps during the movie it is a specia filml. I believe we need more of these movies made.
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God's Not Dead says it all

By annhull77
Written September 17, 2014
Fantastic movie, great actors, clear message, good for everyone especially anyone wondering is there is a God. Loved how they brought in the international struggles and the relationships with the families. God doesn't cause illness and bad things happen but the truth is we need God today to get through this thing we call life. The final scene with the professor was moving and unexpected (at least for me). Brought it all together.
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