• 1 hr 50 min
  • Comedy


Directed by Carlos Diegues, Deus é Brasileiro (God Is Brazilian) is based on author Joao Ubaldo Ribeiro's short story The Saint Who Didn't Believe in God. The plot centers around Taoca (Wagner Moura), a part-time fisherman and petty con artist, and a man who claims he is God (Antonio Fagundes). Taoca initially disbelieves the man's heavenly origins when he finds him straddling a buoy several miles out to sea, though he becomes convinced after witnessing some quite miraculous demonstrations. It turns out that God has decided to take a break from his eternity of presiding over humankind and is actively seeking a temp to take over the position. With Taoca by his side, God traverses the nation in hopes of finding someone saintly enough for the job. Eventually, they comes across a young man with all the right credentials with the exception of one, glaring trait -- he doubts the very existence of a higher power. Paloma Duarte makes an appearance as a tough-talking love interest for Taoca, while Bruce Gomlevsky, Stepan Nercessian, Hugo Carvana, Chico de Assis, and Thiago Faria are also featured. ~ Tracie Cooper, Rovi

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