God Bless America Synopsis
A mentally unstable man and a teenage accomplice assassinate the most hateful members of society.
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Everyone needs to see this movie

By chambertlo
A man shoots a baby, kills all of his co-workers, and even contemplates killing himself, and this is all in the first half of the movie! Suffice it to say, this film is not for the faint of heart....

God Bless America

By Mr Film Freak
You ever wish you could wreck your douchebag neighbors car? You ever wish somebody would kill one of these @$$holes on these reality shows? Do you day dream about one of those political talk show...

Great movie.... Fuller Reflection scene had the twin towers in the background

By chuckilogu
Was I the only one who caught that... Anyway great movie, perpetuate the stereotype of what is wrong with people today while being part of the problem. The conundrum of modern life....

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By deleone30
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Good flick

By sullysbunny
I've been wanting to see this movie since I saw the trailer. I have to admit.....I really liked it. The best part was the scene with the religious group that protests the funerals and such. Very funny...

when is this in la?

By ftwdesigns

By Cacao

By bracken33
Awesome dark comedy...

Great Movie

By Valo216

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Rated R | For Language, Strong Violence and Some Sexual Sequences
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Common Sense Media says Very dark, angry comedy about the media and its effects.
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