Go Away Mr. Tumor Synopsis
'Go Away Mr. Tumor' is based on the famous Chinese comic series created by online cartoonist Xiong Dun, chronicling the darkest hours of her life in a lighter and more amusing way.
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An old story, done well

By tma1138
I won't give away the ending, but the plot is an old one: Heroic struggle by a lovable person to overcome (possibly terminal) cancer. What makes it work is the lead. The actress has a very rubbery...

this is so much better than i expected

By qinyigu1992

By iloveyoummm97
good … good … very good movie … make me laugh alot… and make me cry alot … love this… good movie...

Lighthearted way about dealing with illness

By chancie
The main actress played the character as self-effacing, charming, loving. However, the comedic start of the movie could've been shortened a bit, but I'm glad that I stayed (since a couple of people...


By grantxu2000
No pee point...