Amzing movie, really recomend it

By HillarySmith
Written February 12, 2011
Absolutely adorable, my kids loved it, voice actors did a really great job. Simply cute, you can watch it at [BLOCKED WEBSITE] . **
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By anonymous_movielover
Written February 19, 2011
i am 15 years old, and i took my 7 year old sister to see it. at first, when she asked me to take her, i was like, NO WAY. but my mom couldn't take her, so i sacrificed two hours of my life to an annoying kids movie. OR SO I THOUGHT. it was hilarious. my sister and i could not stop laughing, even after we left the theater. we BOTH loved it, surprisingly. this movie is great, FOR ALL AGES, although probably you shouldn't take anyone under 5. it was just perfect. you should totally go!!
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Gno gneed to go...

By Itzakadoozie
Written February 11, 2011
Saw Gnomeo in 3D. IF the effects had been worth it, which they weren't, and IF the story had some interesting twist that we didn't see coming, which it didn't, and IF the gnomes had been cute, which they weren't, this might have been a great film...which it wasn't. These gnomes are not nearly as entertaining as the "Despicable Me" Minions. The Frog is funny. Then there's the continuity problems confusing our point of view, characters who come in like gangbusters and are never seen again, sub-plot opportunities that never come to fruition, and why oh why is the flamingo living in Great Britain a Latino? So who in the heck is the intended audience for this movie? Generally, young kids will be bored by the slow moving love story (I know I was). Adults will be bored cuz we all know exactly what's gonna happen and it does. Tween girls and boys with a mature sense of relationships may enjoy it. There's not enuf action for tomboys or boys. Babies might enjoy all the primary colors.
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It was okay...

By vanityjj
Written November 09, 2011
....didn't live up to the hype. Something for the kids cause it's animated but nothing to write home about.
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Very Cute Movie!

By xiandy
Written February 14, 2011
Nice to see a movie with the children that doesn't have inappropriate material in it. My children loved it. A must see for the entire family. Excellent soundtract for those Elton John fans. :)
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