Gloria (2014) Synopsis
Gloria is a "woman of a certain age" but still feels young.
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By Pontediana802
WE enjoyed this was real! not a Hollywood glamour with the female stars all full of botox and filled faces, and subs for the nude scenes was the real deal...Young viewers will reach...


By scottyc123
Dissapointing to say the lease...a very messed up women and only herself to blame, and never seemed to get it together throughout the movie, and did not enjoy, the love sceans...not the most...


By seniorcritic
It was more like a documentary than a movie. She is very likable but there were actions in the movie that were disturbing to me because of her non-action results. Also, I still don't feel...


By hudsonbj1
Although well acted, this movie made me want to wretch! Would have walked out had I not come with friends. Gloria's loneliness was so over-exaggerated to the point of ridiculous. Her lover's...


By RegenF
The previews were totally deceiving with the clips shown out of order. So, one is lead to believe that she dumps the nit-wit early and then finds great joy in life. The movie is quite the opposite...

Pleasant surprise

By pachecopilar
The movie gets off to a 'slowish' start but then I found myself intrigued by the character's decisions and how she evolves into freeing herself and enjoying life....


By friscotjc
This is a great film about a beautiful woman by a foreign director. Gloria is wonderful to watch as she struggles with all the experiences which make her life and our lives rich or mundane, joyful or...

Can I have my money back?!!!

By natdelaf
Hard to believe this won anything anywhere...You have to wonder what it was up against. I was looking forward to it but unfortunately it was painfully dull......


By janetrobbins
The story was rather slow in developing. I kept thinking "Get on with it". Gloria was rather passive and somewhat unwilling to confront her issues. The sex scenes were unnecessary. The Rudolfo...

Painful to sit through

By edballer138
The ridiculousness of this movie baffled me and my girlfriend beyond belief. We went into the movie expecting something so much more than what we got. It was depressing, frustrating, and extremely...

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Rated R | For for sexual content, some graphic nudity, drug use and language