Glenn Beck Unelectable

By kroyekim
Written September 21, 2012
4 of us went to the Crossroads to see the show. We all thought that it was great. He portrayed the Liberal Media correctly. Showing that Obama can do no wrong and any conservative has no clue to the problems in America. Glenn Beck is passionate in his views of where he strongly fears America is going. Many liberals that I have talked to believe that God has never had anything to do with the success of America. They as well as Obama would take God out of everything and wants to destroy America from within. This way he can become God and Dictator of America. People are already changing the Pledge of Allegiance to be a pledge to Obama as the God! It will no longer be a Nation or Republic and I see a civil war breaking out! May God have mercy on our souls! We must get back to God. As Glenn Beck said there are three things we must do. Plan, Pray, and Obey!
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Glenn Beck is the Greatest

By peb777
Written September 23, 2012
It's a shame that this is his last tour! And after seeing this one, it's REALLY a shame that HE cannot be ELECTED!! His mock debate with Brian Sacks was very informative as it was hilarious....and Glenn proved himself to BE Electable over and over. Brian was just the funniest 'opponent' I've ever seen. I would recommend this show highly.
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By pgeremia
Written September 21, 2012
Our country is at a crossroads. Look around you, look how things are changing. Look at how the press is in the bag for Obama. These are scary times, and most Americans have no clue. Unelectable 2012 is our chance to spread the word as to what is REALLY going on. We can bring our friends and family and they will be entertained (laugh their butt off) and informed. The mock debate between "President Brian Sac" and "Candidate Glenn Beck" was SO funny!! But this debate makes it ever so clear as to what is going on. AND... GET THERE EARLY.. The previews are hilarious!!!!! This show was live, but I believe there will be another showing. GO SEE IT!!!! Absolutely Fantastic!!
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A fun ride!!

By compumonk
Written September 21, 2012
First time I've been to one of Glenn's comedy skits. It was a wild ride, fun and engaging. The entire audience was laughing at times, and amen at others. I might go again for the re-showing with my Wife!
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Everyone should see this

By pathfinderdjs
Written September 21, 2012
Even of you don't care for or watch Glenn Beck, this show will still entertain you, and it makes some really good points highlighting where our county is currently at, and what is happening with this election. I urge anyone to make sure they go see the 2nd showing when it airs.
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