Glenn Beck Unelectable 2012 2nd Showing Synopsis
Glenn Beck and Brian Sack take part in a mock presidential debate.

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Unelectable 2012

By Paul's mom
A great portrayal by Beck and his staff on the way the main stream media is reporting political events in this country. Very funny, but sadly, very true!!!...

The Teacher

By CSummersett
Glen Beck uses humor to teach the rich universal truths that this country was founded upon. My husband laughed more watching the movie than he has laughed for the last 6 months. Beck always finds...

Glenn Beck Unelectable II

I love this man and he always has something new that you never expected. My grandson, now 33, had a bad day yesterday and this was just what he needed. My daughter was with me also and the three...


By islandkine.kaimuki
Awesome show! Glenn Beck does a fantastic job Sharing with us the important issues and what our part is in changing this country. Lots of laughter, tears and patriotism....

Funniest Show "Unelectable 2012"

By KarrenW
We enjoyed the entire show. It was funny and very informative. We love Glenn Beck! Everyone in the comedian group was hillarious! This is a must see show! There were individuals of all ages in...

Thank you for showing that special feature, Glenn Beck Unelectable

By AaronMills
I laghed, I cried, I cheered, I clapped, I was inspired and I appreciate you showing it. Thank You! Aaron...


By jjzanthony
Right wing propaganda for the uneducated and ignorant made by borderline idiots....

Good show

By mattydukes007
This was an entertaining and inspirational event that highlighted the true nature of conservatism. I was glad to have been a part of it....

By djphelan
America needs Glenn Beck. He is building an empire by telling the truth. He owes no one and is totally uncensored. I encourage everyone to watch this movie....

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Rated PG-13