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Christmas Sweater

By pencil2pen
Written December 16, 2008
If this is a wonderful as the other live performances then I highly recommend it!! A good way to be in the Christmas spirit!
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Ask for a refund!!!!

By pbment
Written December 29, 2008
This was the most awful prodcution I have ever seen, and for $20 a ticket, what a rip off. Unless you drink the Glen Beck kool-aid, an objective person woud suggest his stick to his radio show. The audio was awful. About 20 minutes into the production he must have bumped his microphone,, and the sound became muffled. In order to compensate, the audio people turned up his microphone so we heard every movement of his shirt brushing against the microphone. Very annoying. The singing was mediocre. The Orchestra was the one shinning star. They were amazing. This production gave my wife and I a chance to catch up on our sleep. Glen, when you start sweating through your shirt, and you go off stage, CHANGE YOUR SHIRT!!!!!!
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The Christmas Sweater

By livmanny
Written December 22, 2008
Great show. It was a wonderful beginning to the week before Christmas. Glenn did an awesome job bringing the message and the emotions from the book across. A great way to spend an evening to spend with my mom.
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The best show of the year - well done Glenn Beck

By mawestraad
Written December 30, 2008
A really good personal story that makes one do some introspection about what is important in your life and how you should face your challenges in life I enjoyed it with my family without apologies - no profanity, no explicit sex scenes, no excessive bloody violence (i.e. not the typical Hollywood) Very different to Glenn's usual humor and commentary. Will definitely be buying the DVD.
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Glen Beck's The Christmas Sweater

By okieladydm
Written December 22, 2008
We saw this on December 17th at the Alderwood 7 Regal Theatre in Lynnwood, Washington. We had a bad snowstorm that night and the satellite went out and we had bought eight $20 tickets. We lost all our money and did not get to see the show at all. We were sick about it because we had been looking forward to seeing this show. I wonder if it would be possible for the show to be shown again at this theatre for those like us who did not see us because the satellite went out. Thank you.
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