Glenn Beck Live: Broke Synopsis
Beck discusses how the American economy has crumbled and how it can be fixed.

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How can a guy rate the show and he hasn't even seen it. LOL

By dhelgesen
To the guy who says Glenn is a RIGHT WINGER: Please stay at home and don't go see the show. And let fiscally responsible and constitutionally responsible people go! :) I am getting sick and tired...

Don't trust this hater.

By send2mail2
Glenn Beck is a leader of the right-wing extremist part of the Republican Party. If you watch this movie, pay attention to the way he words things and try to read in-between the lines. He is famous...

Glenn Beck Broke Tour...AWESOME!

By justinewheeler
Glenn Beck is AWESOME! Anyone who cares about their country needs to see BROKE. There are things that you will never hear from the mainstream media or from our government. Talk about...

Five Word Review

By cpajaril
maaaaaaaaaaro maaaaaaaaaake loudde saaaaaaaaaalon kho...

Five Word Review

By llsmithson

Truely Broke is to see LIVE

By ElaineMP60
I went with my husband to the event. The theatre was packed to say the least. Although I am a lady of color, there were no other people of color but myself and I felt a bit uncomfortable, yet the...

Five Word Review

By dolphin48
Read the book! Love it!...

We are broke.

By yellamo
If your content in knowing that politicians, both Democrats and Republicans are spending our once glorious country into oblivion. Don't see this movie....

Glenn Beck Broke

By teegior5
Very inspiring to listen to Glenn. Lots of laughs and a load of honest and common sense ideas and views....

Five Word Review

By thargis122
This Man Is My Hero...

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