Not very scary but still incredibly good.

By zakens1998997
Written June 23, 2017
I actually loved it. Nicole Laliberte was very fascinating in this movie, she was my favourite character who made this movie interesting. Lu (staring Nicole Laliberte) was cool, weird, violent and kind of obsessed character and for this movie it was like a cherry on a cake. Lu's character scared me a bit but I still wanted to know, what she will do next. Movie isn't for people under 18 but I watched it anyways. It more depends on your psyche, can you watch this movie or not. Even some adults can be scared of bloody scenes. So, if you are not afraid or little bit of blood and violence, you really need to watch it and you won't regret it, promise!
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By ivangaytan
Written October 01, 2016
Apurate morro Si
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By robertrooney595
Written March 14, 2013
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