Critics take things too seriously

By hollycenations
Written October 28, 2014
I actually really loved the movie. I went in, skeptical, since I knew about the critic reviews. I went in expecting failed jokes and a bad plot. But I didn't really see any of that. This is a quirky indie film, and to expect anymore than that is like expecting a fish to fly. I thought it was cute, light-hearted, and quite funny. I was actually cracking up through the entire movie. All of the cast was fabulous, and did a great job. Then again, I don't try to pick apart movies like a lot of people.
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Written October 25, 2014
This movie is a must see! I was pleasantly surprised that it was hilarious and I will definitely see this movie again! Once was simply not enough. The story line was very relatable for everyone if you've ever lived with your parents.
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grt movie

By hunterxnp
Written October 28, 2014
grt flim was reallly funny and entertaing throught out the movie ..must see flim of the year for any couples. i would definetly recommend it...lovely romantic .. trust me u will love it.. i had a blast watiching this movie..dont miss out.
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Don't listen to what you read

By blazingblueband2006
Written October 22, 2014
So I was only going to this movie for one reason and one reason only that is because of Darren Criss. This was his first movie ever. So i wanted to go support him. Well as i was watching the movie I found myself laughing the whole time. It was just amazing and Darren was the screen stealer in this movie but Kristen Wigg was not bad at all. Her character was someone that people could relate to. Also Matt Dillion was so FUNNY. I didnt know when not to laugh. And for Chris I fell in love with his character. I don't know why people are hating on this movie at all. It was good, sure Darren was the main reason i went to see this movie and I was not expectiong it to be amazing, but it was good. Need something to laugh about that not really a plot line go to this movie
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The dysfunctional clan in Girl Most Likely at least should make viewers feel better about their own families by comparison.

By dinogomez91
Written November 20, 2014
Unfortunately, that’s about the only redeeming quality about this lackluster comedy that fails to make a suitable vehicle for the charming talents of Kristen Wiig. It never rings true because it bogs down in contrivances and heightened character quirks that emphasize sitcom caricatures over authentic family dynamics.
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