A cast to love, a movie to miss . . .

By Paladin610
Written July 21, 2013
After seeing the trailer and the cast, we expected a cute, "zippy" movie. Instead, there was little plot; the kindest word I can use for this movie is "droll." Even the likes of Kristen Wiig, Matt Dillon and Annette Bening couldn't save it. You, on the other hand can save your money for better films.
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girl most likey wasn't!

By denise211
Written July 21, 2013
We both love Kristin Wiig, but this was just awful. I felt sorry for her to be put in a poorly written story. It went nowhere, wanted to laugh, but predictable and boring. Kristin is such a great comedienne, she needs to choose what she does carefully. Would see her again of course, just disappointed in the story line.
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The dysfunctional clan in Girl Most Likely at least should make viewers feel better about their own families by comparison.

By dinogomez91
Written August 15, 2013
Unfortunately, that’s about the only redeeming quality about this lackluster comedy that fails to make a suitable vehicle for the charming talents of Kristen Wiig. It never rings true because it bogs down in contrivances and heightened character quirks that emphasize sitcom caricatures over authentic family dynamics.
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Must see

By turtle50089
Written July 20, 2013
Such a great movie. If you or anyone you know has mental disorders in there family or just problems with family you will love this movie. Kristen is great as well as new comer Darren Criss who blows you away with his talent. GO SEE NOW :)
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Girls most likely

By thomtompson
Written August 20, 2014
This is a good done movie: excellent actress, music, beautiful pictures. I really enjoyed this philosophic melodrama with witty humor. I would recommend "Girls most likely" to any body who like to watch movie in cinema theater.
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