What parents need to know

Parents need to know that this movie is a graphic depiction of a young woman's stay in a mental hospital. It features characters with depression and eating disorders. One of the main characters hangs herself. Characters abuse prescription drugs and use strong language. Hospital scenes include graphic depictions of young women in straitjackets and those recovering from electric shock therapy. Several use highly derogatory terms when referring to their African-American nurse. Incest and the male anatomy are discussed at some length.
  • Families can talk about the impact of Susanna's illness on the various decisions she makes. How did Susanna's depression influence her behavior with Professor Gilcrest and Toby Jacobs? Families could also discuss Susanna's relationship with Lisa. How did Lisa both help and hurt Susanna's recovery? Parents might talk with their kids about characters' abuse of prescription drugs throughout the film. How was Susanna different when she took her medications as directed by the doctors? Susanna states that she is being unfairly labeled "promiscuous" because she is a sexually active girl. Why might people judge boys differently than girls when it comes to sex? Is Susanna right?
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