Nice movie...loved it

By tnwilliamsk27
Written May 12, 2012
The movie was great. It boldly played the in your face emotional aspect of the teen years in a funny way. I cried a bit and was choked up for most of the scenes that offered a good laugh. It was almost an exact replica of my teen years but with more out spoken. I enjoyed it because it really reflected the mother daughter relationship in so many ways. The tone of the movie really hit home... a go see…
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very touching

By marteaga99
Written May 16, 2012
Absolutely a parent/daughter movie! It makes u remember how much attention ur teens need! Must go!
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Written May 11, 2012
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By fanyy.x3
Written June 14, 2012
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Girl in Progress

By jordandepaola
Written May 28, 2012
Girl in Progress was a promising movie. But did not meet its expectations of critical acclaim. I do praise Eva Mendes for her portrayal of Grace, and I see nothing but good things from her in the future. Cierra Ramirez did a pretty good job as well with a little help she will be outstanding. The movie itself did not get out of the cliche storylines and did not clearly make a full picture. I give this move 2 stars out of five.
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