Ginny Simms
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1916
Birth Place:
San Antonio, TX

Worked With

Year Name Title
1951 Michael O'Shea Disc Jockey
1951 Jerome Cowan Disc Jockey
1946 Philip Van Zandt Night and Day
1946 Bobby Watson Night and Day
1946 Crane Whitley Night and Day
1946 Eve Arden Night and Day
1946 Cary Grant Night and Day
1946 Alan Hale Night and Day
1946 Eric Wilton Night and Day
1946 Donald Woods Night and Day
1946 Mike Lally Night and Day
1946 Monty Woolley Night and Day
1946 Jane Wyman Night and Day
1946 Richard Erdman Night and Day
1946 Herman Bing Night and Day
1946 Alexis Smith Night and Day
1946 Henry Stephenson Night and Day
1946 Colin Kenny Night and Day
1946 Clarence Muse Night and Day
1946 Sig Rumann Night and Day
1946 Harry Seymour Night and Day
1946 Bob McKenzie Night and Day
1946 George Meader Night and Day
1946 Bert Moorhouse Night and Day
1946 Dorothy Malone Night and Day
1946 Frank Marlowe Night and Day
1946 Mary Martin Night and Day
1945 Bert Moorhouse Shady Lady
1945 George Lynn Shady Lady
1945 Martha O'Driscoll Shady Lady
1945 Charles Coburn Shady Lady
1945 Billy Wayne Shady Lady
1945 Chuck Hamilton Shady Lady
1945 Alan Curtis Shady Lady
1944 Gloria DeHaven Broadway Rhythm
1944 Eddie "Rochester" Anderson Broadway Rhythm
1944 Charles Winninger Broadway Rhythm
1944 Lena Horne Broadway Rhythm
1944 Louis Mason Broadway Rhythm
1944 George Murphy Broadway Rhythm
1944 Ben Blue Broadway Rhythm
1944 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. Broadway Rhythm
1943 Robert Armstrong Around the World
1943 Sherry Hall Around the World
1943 Joan Davis Around the World
1943 Mischa Auer Around the World
1943 Duncan Renaldo Around the World
1943 Patric Knowles Hit the Ice
1943 Minerva Urecal Hit the Ice
1943 Eddie Parker Hit the Ice
1943 Sheldon Leonard Hit the Ice
1943 Mantan Moreland Hit the Ice
1943 Dorothy Vaughan Hit the Ice
1943 Billy Wayne Hit the Ice
1943 Marc Lawrence Hit the Ice
1943 Lou Costello Hit the Ice
1943 Bud Abbott Hit the Ice
1943 Joe Sawyer Hit the Ice
1942 Dummy: Charlie McCarthy Here We Go Again!
1942 Gale Gordon Here We Go Again!
1942 Isabel Randolph Here We Go Again!
1942 Bill Thompson Here We Go Again!
1942 Edgar Bergen Here We Go Again!
1942 Richard Martin Seven Days Leave
1942 Peter Lind Hayes Seven Days Leave
1942 Charlie Hall Seven Days Leave
1942 Max Wagner Seven Days Leave
1942 Wallace Ford Seven Days Leave
1942 Walter Reed Seven Days Leave
1942 Arnold Stang Seven Days Leave
1942 Victor Mature Seven Days Leave
1942 Lucille Ball Seven Days Leave
1942 Les Brown Seven Days Leave
1941 Joe Bernard Playmates
1941 William Halligan Playmates
1941 May Robson Playmates
1941 George Cleveland Playmates
1941 Peter Lind Hayes Playmates
1941 Lupe Velez Playmates
1941 Dave Willock Playmates
1941 Patsy Kelly Playmates
1941 John Barrymore Playmates
1940 Dennis O'Keefe You'll Find Out
1940 Peter Lorre You'll Find Out
1940 Bela Lugosi You'll Find Out
1940 Boris Karloff You'll Find Out
1939 Horace McMahon That's Right - You're Wrong
1939 Forbes Murray That's Right - You're Wrong
1939 Adolphe Menjou That's Right - You're Wrong
1939 Elliott Sullivan That's Right - You're Wrong
1939 May Robson That's Right - You're Wrong
1939 Roscoe Karns That's Right - You're Wrong
1939 Dennis O'Keefe That's Right - You're Wrong
1939 Hedda Hopper That's Right - You're Wrong
1939 Lucille Ball That's Right - You're Wrong
1939 Edward Everett Horton That's Right - You're Wrong
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