Ginger & Rosa Synopsis
Ginger and Rosa's friendship is shattered by desire and the determination to survive.
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GInger and Rosa

By Peneflix
1962: Samoa granted independence from New Zealand, John Glenn is the first American to orbit earth, Jackie Kennedy gives a televised tour of the White House, Pope John XXIII excommunicates Fidel...

ginger and rosa

By steplin36
A slow beginning but then you are fully aware what is happening and really get i8nto this story,it was very well done and would recommend it....

Ginger and Rosa

By sshoward
Just saw Ginger and Rosa. If this film hadn't been under the radar, Elle Fanning would undoubtedly have been rewarded with an Oscar nomination for Best Actress, giving a performance which is now...

Beautifully rendered

By rumbledoggie
Every frame of this film is a gorgeous composition. Elle Fanning is particularly stunning, in a cast brimming with talent. Sally Potter directs with great brio and precision....

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By Mattasaurus
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Bittersweet poem to bitter days

By pterry4500
Well written, well acted, well directed, bittersweet poem to bitter days....

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By ghantal
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By misselayneous
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It's ok

By lyndsaymcgregor
I went to see Ginger & Rosa because New York Magazine told me to. It was pretty depressing tbh but Elle Fanning was great, she has amazing screen presence even when she's not saying a word....

just poignant

By jeannoel
I just hope there would be more movies of that quality. Ginger acting is simply outstanding and gut wrenching. this is one of the best movie I have seen in years and I go to the movie at least once a...

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Rated PG-13 | For Mature disturbing thematic material involving teen choices - sexuality, drinking, smoking, and for language
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Common Sense Media says Coming-of-age drama examines teenage anxieties.
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