Gina Gershon
Date of Birth
Jun 10, 1962

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Sean Astin Bad Kids Go to 2 Hell
2014 John Savage The Lookalike
2014 Luis Guzman The Lookalike
2014 Peter Stormare Mall
2014 Vincent D'Onofrio Mall
2014 Jennifer Jason Leigh Me
2014 Julian Sands Me
2014 Molly Ringwald Me
2014 Eliza Dushku The Scribbler
2014 Michael Imperioli The Scribbler
2013 Bob Odenkirk Dealin' With Idiots
2013 Fred Willard Dealin' With Idiots
2013 Jami Gertz Dealin' With Idiots
2013 Raquel Welch House of Versace
2012 Val Kilmer Breathless
2012 Ray Liotta Breathless
2012 Marlo Thomas LOL
2012 Fisher Stevens LOL
2012 Demi Moore LOL
2011 Matthew McConaughey Killer Joe
2011 Thomas Haden Church Killer Joe
2010 Corbin Bernsen Across the Line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright
2010 Aidan Quinn Across the Line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright
2010 Andy Garcia Across the Line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright
2010 Mario Van Peebles Across the Line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright
2010 Danny Glover Five Minarets in New York
2010 Helen Mirren Love Ranch
2010 Joe Pesci Love Ranch
2008 Tom Skerritt Beer for My Horses
2008 Barry Corbin Beer for My Horses
2007 Kathy Bates P.S. I Love You
2007 Lisa Kudrow P.S. I Love You
2007 Hilary Swank P.S. I Love You
2007 Harry Connick, Jr. P.S. I Love You
2007 Anne Heche What Love Is
2007 Sean Astin What Love Is
2007 Cuba Gooding, Jr. What Love Is
2006 Michael Pitt Delirious
2006 Steve Buscemi Delirious
2006 Paul Mazursky I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With
2006 Bonnie Hunt I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With
2006 Dan Castellaneta I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With
2006 Fisher Stevens Kettle of Fish
2006 Lois Chiles Kettle of Fish
2006 Matthew Modine Kettle of Fish
2006 Kevin J. O'Connor Kettle of Fish
2005 Randy Quaid Category 7: The End of the World
2005 Swoosie Kurtz Category 7: The End of the World
2005 James Brolin Category 7: The End of the World
2005 Tom Skerritt Category 7: The End of the World
2005 Robert Wagner Category 7: The End of the World
2005 Jennifer Tilly Family Guy: Blind Ambition
2005 Howard Hesseman Man About Town
2005 Ben Affleck Man About Town
2005 John Cleese Man About Town
2005 Ethan Hawke One Last Thing...
2005 Cynthia Nixon One Last Thing...
2004 Dennis Hopper Out of Season
2004 Stephen Root Tripping the Rift: Season 01
2004 Michael Madsen West Memphis Three
2004 Nick Stahl West Memphis Three
2004 Ricki Lake West Memphis Three
2004 Michael Pitt West Memphis Three
2002 Michael Biehn Borderline
2002 Charles Berling Demonlover
2002 Connie Nielsen Demonlover
2002 Chloë Sevigny Demonlover
2002 Joe Flaherty Slackers
2002 Mamie van Doren Slackers
2002 Cameron Diaz Slackers
2001 Burt Reynolds Driven
2001 Sylvester Stallone Driven
2001 Robert Sean Leonard Driven
2001 Mickey Rourke Picture Claire
2001 Juliette Lewis Picture Claire
2001 Callum Keith Rennie Picture Claire
1999 James Toback Black and White
1999 Joe Pantoliano Black and White
1999 Ben Stiller Black and White
1999 Ron Silver Black and White
1999 Scott Caan Black and White
1999 Brooke Shields Black and White
1999 Robert Downey, Jr. Black and White
1999 Elijah Wood Black and White
1999 Sandra Oh Guinevere
1999 Paul Dooley Guinevere
1999 Sarah Polley Guinevere
1999 Jean Smart Guinevere
1999 Stephen Rea Guinevere
1999 Philip Baker Hall The Insider
1999 Russell Crowe The Insider
1999 Michael Gambon The Insider
1999 Christopher Plummer The Insider
1999 Lindsay Crouse The Insider
1999 Rip Torn The Insider
1999 Lynne Thigpen The Insider
1999 Wings Hauser The Insider
1999 Diane Venora The Insider
1999 Al Pacino The Insider
1999 Stephen Tobolowsky The Insider
1999 John Glover Snoops [TV Series]
1998 Ron Silver Black and White
1998 Frank Langella I'm Losing You
1998 Laraine Newman I'm Losing You
1998 Andrew McCarthy I'm Losing You
1998 Elizabeth Perkins I'm Losing You
1998 Buck Henry I'm Losing You
1998 Rosanna Arquette I'm Losing You
1998 Ed Begley, Jr. I'm Losing You
1998 Amanda Donohoe I'm Losing You
1998 Illeana Douglas The Larry Sanders Show: Just the Perfect Blendship
1998 Jeff Goldblum The Larry Sanders Show: Just the Perfect Blendship
1998 James Garner Legalese
1998 Brian Doyle-Murray Legalese
1998 Mary-Louise Parker Legalese
1998 Kathleen Turner Legalese
1998 Rade Serbedzija Lies and Whispers
1998 Mandy Patinkin Lulu On The Bridge
1998 Willem Dafoe Lulu On The Bridge
1998 Harvey Keitel Lulu On The Bridge
1998 Vanessa Redgrave Lulu On The Bridge
1998 Mira Sorvino Lulu On The Bridge
1998 Chris Penn One Tough Cop
1998 Amy Irving One Tough Cop
1998 Stephen Baldwin One Tough Cop
1998 Luis Guzman One Tough Cop
1998 Michael Rapaport Palmetto
1998 Woody Harrelson Palmetto
1998 Chloë Sevigny Palmetto
1998 Elisabeth Shue Palmetto
1997 Margaret Cho Face/Off
1997 Joan Allen Face/Off
1997 Nicolas Cage Face/Off
1997 John Travolta Face/Off
1997 CCH Pounder Face/Off
1997 Harve Presnell Face/Off
1997 Seymour Cassel This World, Then the Fireworks
1997 Will Patton This World, Then the Fireworks
1997 Billy Zane This World, Then the Fireworks
1997 Conchata Ferrell Touch
1997 Lolita Davidovich Touch
1997 Bridget Fonda Touch
1997 Mason Adams Touch
1997 Janeane Garofalo Touch
1997 Anthony Zerbe Touch
1997 Paul Mazursky Touch
1997 Christopher Walken Touch
1997 Tom Arnold Touch
1996 Jennifer Tilly Bound
1996 Joe Pantoliano Bound
1996 Christopher Meloni Bound
1996 Richard Sarafian Bound
1995 Christopher McDonald Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back
1995 Dee Wallace Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back
1995 Kyle MacLachlan Showgirls
1995 Robert Davi Showgirls
1994 Judd Nelson Flinch
1994 Nick Mancuso Flinch
1993 Michael Imperioli Joey Breaker
1993 Philip Seymour Hoffman Joey Breaker
1993 Parker Posey Joey Breaker
1993 Lee Garlington Love Matters
1993 Griffin Dunne Love Matters
1993 Annette O'Toole Love Matters
1993 Gerritt Graham Love Matters
1993 Tony Goldwyn Love Matters
1992 D.B. Sweeney Miss Rose White
1992 Kyra Sedgwick Miss Rose White
1992 Amanda Plummer Miss Rose White
1992 Maureen Stapleton Miss Rose White
1992 Maximilian Schell Miss Rose White
1992 René Auberjonois The Player
1992 Cher The Player
1992 Gary Busey The Player
1992 Richard Anderson The Player
1992 Steve Allen The Player
1992 John Cusack The Player
1992 Vincent D'Onofrio The Player
1992 Felicia Farr The Player
1992 Louise Fletcher The Player
1992 Robert Carradine The Player
1992 James Coburn, Jr. The Player
1992 Brad Davis The Player
1992 Paul Dooley The Player
1992 Harry Belafonte The Player
1992 Malcolm McDowell The Player
1992 Jayne Meadows The Player
1992 Brion James The Player
1992 Nick Nolte The Player
1992 Marlee Matlin The Player
1992 Lyle Lovett The Player
1992 Dina Merrill The Player
1992 Andie MacDowell The Player
1992 Jeff Goldblum The Player
1992 Richard E. Grant The Player
1992 Elliott Gould The Player
1992 Whoopi Goldberg The Player
1992 Sally Kirkland The Player
1992 Anjelica Huston The Player
1992 Joel Grey The Player
1992 David Alan Grier The Player
1992 Peter Falk The Player
1992 Burt Reynolds The Player
1992 Sydney Pollack The Player
1992 Martin Mull The Player
1992 Jack Lemmon The Player
1992 Rod Steiger The Player
1992 Dean Stockwell The Player
1992 Buck Henry The Player
1992 Alan Rudolph The Player
1992 Joan Tewkesbury The Player
1992 Lily Tomlin The Player
1992 Michael Tolkin The Player
1992 James Coburn The Player
1992 Tim Robbins The Player
1992 Karen Black The Player
1992 Bruce Willis The Player
1992 Peter Gallagher The Player
1992 Mimi Rogers The Player
1992 Teri Garr The Player
1992 Dennis Franz The Player
1992 Susan Sarandon The Player
1992 Greta Scacchi The Player
1992 Julia Roberts The Player
1992 Ray Walston The Player
1992 Jill St. John The Player
1992 Scott Glenn The Player
1992 Bert Remsen The Player
1992 Robert Wagner The Player
1992 Fred Ward The Player
1992 Bob Gunton Sinatra
1992 Marcia Gay Harden Sinatra
1992 Rod Steiger Sinatra
1992 Jeff Corey Sinatra
1992 Olympia Dukakis Sinatra
1991 Kevin Tighe City of Hope
1991 Lawrence Tierney City of Hope
1991 Chris Cooper City of Hope
1991 Vincent Spano City of Hope
1991 Louis Zorich City of Hope
1991 John Sayles City of Hope
1991 David Strathairn City of Hope
1991 Angela Bassett City of Hope
1991 Todd Graff City of Hope
1991 Joe Morton City of Hope
1991 Julianna Margulies Out for Justice
1991 John Leguizamo Out for Justice
1991 Steven Seagal Out for Justice
1991 William Forsythe Out for Justice
1991 Jerry Orbach Out for Justice
1991 Dominic Chianese Out for Justice
1990 Eric Bogosian Suffering Bastards
1990 John C. McGinley Suffering Bastards
1990 Raymond St. Jacques Voodoo Dawn
1988 Bryan Brown Cocktail
1988 Paul Benedict Cocktail
1988 Tom Cruise Cocktail
1988 Kelly Lynch Cocktail
1988 Laurence Luckinbill Cocktail
1988 Elisabeth Shue Cocktail
1988 Pruitt Taylor Vince Red Heat
1988 Arnold Schwarzenegger Red Heat
1988 James Belushi Red Heat
1988 Savely Kramarov Red Heat
1988 Brion James Red Heat
1988 Peter Boyle Red Heat
1988 Laurence Fishburne Red Heat
1987 Martin Landau Sweet Revenge
1987 Nancy Allen Sweet Revenge
1986 Wings Hauser 3:15 - The Moment of Truth
1986 Adam Baldwin 3:15 - The Moment of Truth
1986 Mario Van Peebles 3:15 - The Moment of Truth
1986 Ed Lauter 3:15 - The Moment of Truth
1986 René Auberjonois 3:15 - The Moment of Truth
1986 Annie Potts Pretty in Pink
1986 James Spader Pretty in Pink
1986 Harry Dean Stanton Pretty in Pink
1986 Margaret Colin Pretty in Pink
1986 Andrew McCarthy Pretty in Pink
1986 Molly Ringwald Pretty in Pink
1986 Jon Cryer Pretty in Pink
1986 Dennis Hopper Stark: Mirror Image
1986 Kirstie Alley Stark: Mirror Image
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