An eye-opener!

By rcama003
Written January 26, 2014
Someone once said that the light shines in the darkness and that the darkness did not overcome it...this movie comes in a difficult time in our society, when our youth are misled by State-endorsed sexual education, told to despise chastity and abstinence...leading them to be hurt and left their their lovers...abused and discarded...perhaps pregnant...or in the company of those who find abandoning and discarding to be the perfect solution...even if it means coercing someone into an abortion... Gimme Shelter speaks to all of us. To those of us who are hurt, it reminds us about how we must keep looking for that light that can overcome all darkness...keeping alive that seed of hope that sometimes is a tiny beating heart in the womb that one day will grow to look into our eyes with love like we are the only one that matters...To those who are cynical, it reminds that we can overcome evil by being better than the abusers who discarded choosing life
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Gimme Shelter

By guras4life
Written January 27, 2014
My husband and I went to see the new movie "Gimme Shelter" on opening night. The movie, based on a true story, was all we were hoping for and more! We were impressed by the reality of it and how the movie drew you into the main character's life immediately. You walked with her through all the bad things. Your heart broke for her and embraced her. Thank God she was given a chance to meet someone who actually showed her love and respect (the priest who took her "under his wing" at the hospital"). This led to receiving much more than she anticipated by living at the group home for unwed homeless mothers. She received even more love there, she received sisterhood, she received good care, and found much hope (great name for her baby)! It was wonderful to see her transformation and it was a bonus to see her dad's transformation. It was a powerful and terrific movie and we have been telling everyone we know about it so they will go see it too. I plan on buying it when it is on DVD.
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Gimme Shelter, great film

By marthashuping
Written January 25, 2014
We loved this movie. "Apple" is 15 or 16, has been physically and sexually abused & is now pregnant. She runs away from her mom, to a wealthy father she has never met. After her father and his wife urge abortion, she runs away from the clinic, is involved in an accident, finally coming to live at a shelter for pregnant teens. I thought the acting was amazing. I work in an agency that serves people like Apple--teens and adults who have been in a gazillion foster homes, who may have been homeless at times, who have been abused. Her portrayal was realistic. But after coming to the shelter, you see a gradual transformation--she finally experiences some real peace in her life and begins to take care of herself, connect with others in a positive way, and become a nurturing mom to her own baby. You see that through the acting which is excellent. There were also some surprises which I won't spoil, you'll have to see it. For adults and teens. Very real, and heart-touching.
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No one who saw the movie would agree with the negative reviews

By lovemercypeacejoy
Written January 26, 2014
I found that this movie was much better than the reviews that I found on line. It was clear that a true story, well acted and written can move hearts and that was clearly our experience. Liberal media (pro abortion) views were certainly challenged by this film and their bias exposed by anyone who saw it. That being said, it was a remarkable story realistically portrayed and a moving experience for many movie goers who were in the theater that night.
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Gimme Shelter

By gothbutterfly41
Written January 26, 2014
This is a must see. A film about human life and the choices we make. How can our choices impact our futures? This film is the truth about one such choice that will help you to see the benefits of choosing life. A struggle to get past one's heartbreaking past, find the truth, and soar to the heights. Go see this film. It will change your life.
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