Gimme Shelter Synopsis
As a pregnant teenager, Apple’s journey plummets her into a perilous struggle until finding salvation in a suburban shelter for homeless teens.
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An eye-opener!

By rcama003
Someone once said that the light shines in the darkness and that the darkness did not overcome it...this movie comes in a difficult time in our society, when our youth are misled by State-endorsed...

Gimme Shelter

By guras4life
My husband and I went to see the new movie "Gimme Shelter" on opening night. The movie, based on a true story, was all we were hoping for and more! We were impressed by the reality of it and how the...

Gimme Shelter, great film

By marthashuping
We loved this movie. "Apple" is 15 or 16, has been physically and sexually abused & is now pregnant. She runs away from her mom, to a wealthy father she has never met. After her father and his wife...

No one who saw the movie would agree with the negative reviews

By lovemercypeacejoy
I found that this movie was much better than the reviews that I found on line. It was clear that a true story, well acted and written can move hearts and that was clearly our experience. Liberal media...

Gimme Shelter

By gothbutterfly41
This is a must see. A film about human life and the choices we make. How can our choices impact our futures? This film is the truth about one such choice that will help you to see the benefits of...

Gimme Shelter

By sandy972
It was a good movie and Vanessa Hudgens was terrific, but it should have been a Lifetime Movie.....was not worth $10. I enjoyed it and I cried, which always helps but it was a bit amateurish for an...

Really good movie!

By nubianroyalty
Solid and real performance by Vanessa Hudgens. She has surprised me in this role. I'd almost forgotten who it was while watching her onscreen. Brought tears to my eyes at the end. Excellent...

Good. Average. Acting above average.

By gmelamed
Went to see the performance of Vanessa Hudgens. Truly believe she is a good actress, so hopefully she will continue getting new roles and eventually get "the" role. Great performance but so-so...

Real and heart warming

By piratelver
This movie portrays some of the struggles of reality that, although I don't have experience with, I can now better imagine. Takes a slice of a young woman's life and shows her search for acceptance...

true life

By dpelmariley
Movie made from a true story. I'm sure this is not just 1 girl's story, but it captures the plight of many in our society. I hope it draws attention to the fact that there should be more help out...

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Rated PG-13