Gigantic (2009) Synopsis
Romance sidetracks a mattress salesman (Paul Dano) who is on a quest to adopt a Chinese orphan.
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Interesting but hard to recommend for the big screen

By RandytheMovieFan
If there is a definition of "art house" movies somewhere then "Gigantic" would be on its list of examples. It's off-beat, somber, quirky funny, has some very intense moments, takes you in directions...

Not as huge..

By Daydream
Gigantic revolves around a childhood wish, 28 year-old Dano has to adopt a baby from China and the impact this wish has on his childish and spur-of-the-moment speaking first girlfriend (Zooey). It is...

Go on a Sunday afternoon

By zandrew
I put the Sunday afternoon stipulation on Gigantic because I feel that an evening viewing would have left me a little flat. However, a Sunday afternoon gives you enough time to stroll around,...


By queenrhonda
A must see! Great acting. Good storyline. John Goodman and Ed Asner stole the show. Zoey is adorable and Dano is psychotic!...


By copperfam4


By dbroberts
Definately recommended. Casting was excellent. Every actor belonged in his/her role, making a quirky tale enjoyable and even belieable. See it....

Funny, charming, well written -- w/a killer cast!

By puffmommy
This movie is what indie's should be. Go, sit back and enjoy. Thought provoking, funny -- I hope this film makes it to bigger theaters and doesn't just stay in art houses....

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Rated R | For language, some sexual content and violence