Gianni Russo

Worked With

Year Name Title
2006 David Brown Toots
2006 Charles Nelson Reilly Toots
2003 Chris Cooper Seabiscuit
2003 Ed Lauter Seabiscuit
2003 William H. Macy Seabiscuit
2003 Gary Ross Seabiscuit
2003 Tobey Maguire Seabiscuit
2003 Jeff Bridges Seabiscuit
1999 Jim Brown Any Given Sunday
1999 James Woods Any Given Sunday
1999 Charlton Heston Any Given Sunday
1999 Dennis Quaid Any Given Sunday
1999 Al Pacino Any Given Sunday
1999 Aaron Eckhart Any Given Sunday
1999 Matthew Modine Any Given Sunday
1999 John C. McGinley Any Given Sunday
1999 Jamie Foxx Any Given Sunday
1999 Cameron Diaz Any Given Sunday
1999 Ann-Margret Any Given Sunday
1996 Armand Assante Striptease
1996 Frances Fisher Striptease
1996 Burt Reynolds Striptease
1996 Ving Rhames Striptease
1996 Demi Moore Striptease
1995 Sally Kellerman P.C.H.
1995 Elliott Gould P.C.H.
1993 Dennis Hopper Super Mario Bros.
1993 Mali Finn Super Mario Bros.
1993 Fisher Stevens Super Mario Bros.
1993 Fiona Shaw Super Mario Bros.
1993 Dan Castellaneta Super Mario Bros.
1993 Bob Hoskins Super Mario Bros.
1993 Lance Henriksen Super Mario Bros.
1993 Samantha Mathis Super Mario Bros.
1993 John Leguizamo Super Mario Bros.
1992 Eugene Levy Stay Tuned
1992 Jeffrey Jones Stay Tuned
1992 Lynn Stalmaster Stay Tuned
1992 John Ritter Stay Tuned
1991 Gene Wilder Another You
1991 Stephen Lang Another You
1991 Richard Pryor Another You
1991 Vincent Schiavelli Another You
1991 Mercedes Ruehl Another You
1991 Vanessa Williams Another You
1991 Kevin Pollak Another You
1991 Michael J. Pollard Another You
1991 Jerry Houser Another You
1991 Gina Gershon Out for Justice
1991 Jerry Orbach Out for Justice
1991 John Leguizamo Out for Justice
1991 Steven Seagal Out for Justice
1991 Julianna Margulies Out for Justice
1991 William Forsythe Out for Justice
1991 Dominic Chianese Out for Justice
1991 Raymond Burr Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Fashion
1991 Valerie Harper Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Fashion
1991 George DiCenzo Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Fashion
1990 Paul Benedict The Freshman
1990 Marlon Brando The Freshman
1990 Penelope Ann Miller The Freshman
1990 Bruno Kirby The Freshman
1990 Matthew Broderick The Freshman
1990 Jon Polito The Freshman
1990 Maximilian Schell The Freshman
1990 Frank Whaley The Freshman
1990 Jane Jenkins Side Out
1989 Kathleen Freeman Chances Are
1989 Henderson Forsythe Chances Are
1989 Cybill Shepherd Chances Are
1989 Fran Ryan Chances Are
1989 Robert Downey, Jr. Chances Are
1989 Ryan O'Neal Chances Are
1989 James Noble Chances Are
1989 Christopher McDonald Chances Are
1989 Mary Stuart Masterson Chances Are
1979 Toshiro Mifune Winter Kills
1979 Jeff Bridges Winter Kills
1979 Richard Boone Winter Kills
1979 Dorothy Malone Winter Kills
1979 Sterling Hayden Winter Kills
1979 Donald Moffat Winter Kills
1979 Eli Wallach Winter Kills
1979 David Spielberg Winter Kills
1979 Camilla Sparv Winter Kills
1979 Anthony Perkins Winter Kills
1979 John Huston Winter Kills
1979 Elizabeth Taylor Winter Kills
1978 Priscilla Barnes Kojak: 60 Miles to Hell
1978 Keenan Wynn Laserblast
1978 Roddy McDowall Laserblast
1978 James Luisi The Rockford Files: Dwarf in a Helium Hat
1978 Scott Brady The Rockford Files: Local Man Eaten by Newspaper
1975 Jack Palance The Four Deuces
1975 Warren Berlinger The Four Deuces
1975 Carol Lynley The Four Deuces
1975 Warren Berlinger Lepke
1975 Michael Callan Lepke
1975 Milton Berle Lepke
1975 Vic Tayback Lepke
1975 Tony Curtis Lepke
1974 Roger Corman The Godfather Part II
1974 Diane Keaton The Godfather Part II
1974 Robert Duvall The Godfather Part II
1974 Sofia Coppola The Godfather Part II
1974 Talia Shire The Godfather Part II
1974 Abe Vigoda The Godfather Part II
1974 James Caan The Godfather Part II
1974 Harry Dean Stanton The Godfather Part II
1974 Lee Strasberg The Godfather Part II
1974 Danny Aiello The Godfather Part II
1974 Michael Vincente Gazzo The Godfather Part II
1974 Bruno Kirby The Godfather Part II
1974 Al Pacino The Godfather Part II
1974 Troy Donahue The Godfather Part II
1974 John Cazale The Godfather Part II
1974 Dominic Chianese The Godfather Part II
1974 Peter Donat The Godfather Part II
1974 Robert De Niro The Godfather Part II
1972 William Devane The Bait
1972 June Lockhart The Bait
1972 Timothy Carey The Bait
1972 Michael Constantine The Bait
1972 Marlon Brando The Godfather
1972 Richard Conte The Godfather
1972 Carmine Coppola The Godfather
1972 Vito Scotti The Godfather
1972 Sterling Hayden The Godfather
1972 Al Lettieri The Godfather
1972 Al Pacino The Godfather
1972 John Marley The Godfather
1972 Alex Rocco The Godfather
1972 Talia Shire The Godfather
1972 Abe Vigoda The Godfather
1972 Diane Keaton The Godfather
1972 John Cazale The Godfather
1972 Sofia Coppola The Godfather
1972 James Caan The Godfather
1972 Robert Duvall The Godfather
1972 Michael Dunn Goodnight, My Love
1972 Victor Buono Goodnight, My Love
1972 Richard Boone Goodnight, My Love
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