Funny silly buddy film

By drainage
Written October 13, 2013
Liked the two main characters. Ending feels a bit rushed somehow but overall liked it.
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don't go

By broberts4287
Written October 12, 2013
it was not funny
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Ghost Team One

By zmkhwane2012
Written October 03, 2014
This movie is the best!!!!!!!!! I love how they made it to seem like a documentary yet it SO FUNNY. I was literally in tears when I watched it for the first, second and third time. It just never gets old! Its about these two friends who hosted a party and they believe that a ghost is living in their home. Now they put up cameras around the house so that they could find the ghost. When they do find it, it happens to be a girl, Lady Azalea, and she is very sexual. They end up trapped all in one room and the ghost turns in to many disguises and a series of events occur. I recommend this to people with a funny bone and who people who don't mind the use of bad language!
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Arouses the darkest levels pf rage

By MediaJor
Written October 12, 2013
An unholy mess, GHOST TEAM ONE wants to be a funny-scary hybrid of stoner comedy and Paranormal Activity. Instead, it is a mind-numbing Frankenstein of bad writing & worse intentions. Even if the film's sly Chicano edge provides its one interesting aspect, GHOST TEAM ONE is one poop joke too many to make any real impact. A total waste that can only arouse the audience's anger at being ripped off.
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