Written April 29, 2009
4/28 Tues - this evening I attended the advance press preview of this 100min comedy (although I'm NOT affiliated with the media/press). Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner were perfectly cast - their chemistry sizzled - but keep in mind that Matthew is type-casted and once again plays the role of a 'romantic' cad. Michael Douglas was sleazy smarmy as the ghost of his deceased playboy womanizing uncle/surrogate father. GOGP is HILARIOUSLY entertaining! SPOILERS: Jenny Perotti gave Conner his first camera - a Polaroid. Connor Mead was 7 and Paul Mead was 2 when their parents died. One of the bridesmaids had an affair with Paul Mead causing his 'break-up' with Sandra Volkom. The Ghost of Girlfriends Present is Mel - Conner's assistant - SUPERBLY played by Noureen DeWulf. One of the martinis is a TANDOORI martini(!). The Ghost of Girlfriends Future is blonde and does not speak. VERDICT: RECOMMENDED: A better than average light-hearted family-friendly comedy.
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Not in a million years

By kmatson
Written May 06, 2009
Thought I would hate this movie. Yes, it was silly at times. I never thought in a million years that I would rate this a Go....but it was entertaining.
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“GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST” – Ghosts aren’t the Only things “Transparent” in this! = Rating: 7 of 10 stars

By jimchudnow
Written April 29, 2009
(Per an advance preview:) In this film, MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY 'CONNECTS' more than usual with his co-stars, & it results in a considerably improved product. He plays a famous photog who agrees to attend the wedding of his younger brother (BRECKIN MEYER), trying to discourage him from going thru with the marriage, & chancing to actually cause a breakup with the bride-to-be. He’s visited by the ghost of his Uncle Wayne (very well played by MICHAEL DOUGLAS), who reminds him how he taught him to be a Triple-S threat with women: Slick, Smooth & Superficial. Three Ghostly girlfriends from Matt’s past (including the bride’s Maid of Honor, very effectively played by JENNIFER GARNER) work to show him how he became someone who’d worked hard to AVOID emotional attachments in life, & the errors of his ways. The film’s not great, but a strong supporting cast (including LACEY CHABERT as the bride & ROBERT FORSTER as her father) help turn this into an enjoyably successful comedy rather than mere fluff.
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Great date movie

By Exile_Ian
Written April 28, 2009
Saw preview screening last night in Seattle and thought it was great fun. Matthew McConaughey is very believable as a 'player' whose cynical attitude to woman is only successful at superficial levels. The whole 'Ghosts of Girlfriends' thing is quite touching, as is its effect on the character. And let's face it, the conclusion is not going to surprise anyone. But this is a feel-good movie - we want to believe that every is good at their core - and you won't be disappointed here. It's funny, witty, romantic and within it's genre, it's as good as it gets. I'd say it';s a 'must go' if you're looking for a safe fun date movie.
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By jboy82
Written April 29, 2009
Saw the screening last night and i really enjoyed this movie. It had many funny moments and has a happy ending. Great date movie. The whole cast did a good job acting.
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