Ghost Rider

By ironman15
Written December 30, 2008
this was a very good film. Nicolas Cage played very well as the ghost rider. Sam Eliot was good to. Wes Bentley played black heart really good in my opinion. the visual effects to me weren't that good. but it was still a kick ***movie. my rating MATINEE ratings better then sex full price matinee rental some ol bull****
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Don't "burn" your money

By sethrich
Written March 20, 2007
Anyone who enjoys the Ghost Rider comics, or perhaps comics in general, will definitely enjoy this movie. The story is obviously fictional and arguably impossible (see: becoming Satan's bounty hunter), but you'd be smart to know this going in. The effects are a bit over-the-top, and it's unfortunate nearly the entire movie abuses them. Everything involving fire/flames is quite a sight, however.
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One word...

By chasetanderson
Written August 26, 2007
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Ghost Rider

By movie_luverboi
Written March 25, 2008
It was a bad*** Movie i loved the visual effects
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Save 2 hrs of your life

By H3OIndra
Written October 01, 2007
I didn't pop this dvd in expecting much but it couldn't even live up to my low expectations. I'm pretty sure it's another case where you would have needed to enjoyed the comic book to have fun with this film. The acting was cheesy and poorly done. Some of the effects were pretty good but they couldn't make up for the lame story line. Pretty much Eva Mendes is the only saving grace and they didn't even make her look very good.
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