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Worst Movie of 2012 so far

By oldcarmike
Written February 20, 2012
They are going to have to work really hard to top this for the worst movie of the year! There was no plot to speak of, and definitely no surprises in the storyline. Most of he acting was ok although Nicolas Cage's performance was almost comical it was so bad. I suggest stay at home and watch the weather channel for better entertainment.
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Just as good as the first but no A.

By Lapitup
Written February 17, 2012
The movie has a European feel to it, which actually worked for the movie in this one. The demon theme is a bit old now. The story line was there but boring at parts. Cage played himself (as usual) again not bad in this setting; it worked for NOT against the movie as a whole. Age limit 26-28 any older you have probably already seen it and done it before yet graphics were top notch and the cinematography was great. Over all I give it 3 and 1/2 stars out of 5. I liked the other demon; yet my friend did not so it is 50/50 if you will like how they portrayed this demon and his powers. Overall I say go especially if you have a son/daughter that is in to comics or this type of genre. We did enjoy ourselves for the most part.
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sometimes the second time is better

By fabrizio
Written February 18, 2012
just saw the ghost rider 2 and ive got to say it was a fun action packed ride that i highly recommend. Now there will be the usual Nicolas Cage haters that are going to go on about his terrible acting and stiff persona blah blah..........get over it its a movie about a guy who goes on fire not an academy award aspirant. When Cage is interrogating this one guy as he is trying to hold back the demon I could not stop laughing and that is the point of a movie of this kind, to have fun and enjoy the journey. If only the writers of Journey to Mysterious Island had half the imagination that the writers of this movie had it also would have been good. Leave your prejudice of Cage behind go and see this movie and enjoy.
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Waste of money

By Busywithbabies
Written February 18, 2012
I saw this movie today with my husband, we loved the first ghost rider movie and were excited to see this one. But where to begin? The 3D... Was a double vision blurry mess! By far the worst 3d movie I have ever seen as far as quality goes. The story of this movie was non existent. And the direction looked like it came from a bunch of teenagers. The ghost rider was way too animated and not at all believable. The acting was just ok, but not what I expected from Nicholas Cage. I was left bored and would have left if I were there alone. Big disappointment!
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Not a good movie

By Autoload
Written February 18, 2012
I was very disappointed with the movie. I really like the first one, but this one has a totally different feel... and not for the better. They tried to make it so you don't have to have seen the first one, but as a standalone flick this movie was bad. Besides the obvious continuity errors between the first move and this one, Spirit of Vengeance is a poorly made movie. I think the special effects on the motorcycle were barely okay, but the bike didn't "turn in to a demonic machine" like in the first movie. It basically was a bike that was on fire. A little bit of a let down for me. There really is just so much wrong with this movie in regards to continuity in itself, references to the history of the Ghost Rider, and not-so-great special effects, I have to say that it left me disappointed. However I was happy that I didn't pay the extra money for the 3D version. I say wait for this to hit Redbox or OnDemand... You'll feel better paying $4.95 to see it.
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