Please bring back classics more often!!!!

By Mad Monkey
Written October 19, 2011
It was great seeing Ghostbusters in the theater again. I saw it 5 or 6 times in the theater back in 1984, and countless times on various video formats from Beta to Blu-ray, but nothing compares to seeing it in a huge darkened theater on a huge screen. I know AMC has brought a few other classic movies back for limited engagements, like Back to the Future, Sixteen Candles, Taxi Driver, and Top Gun. I was only able to see Back to the Future, because I never find out about them until it's too late. If I have one complaint it's that these are not advertised enough. Send me an email to let me know these are going on! I will see every one of these movies if I know they are out there!!!
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Loved it all over again!

By Mike_Maag
Written October 28, 2011
Awesome to see this classic comedy film in the theaters! My group of friends had a blast and would love to see more 80's comedies in the theater.
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By postalchris
Written October 22, 2011
I have seen this movie plenty of times and I am sure you have as well. I am not going to tell you about the movie. I am going to tell you how cool it was to take my son to see the movie in the theater. A film I was never able to see in the theater originally, but was given the chance to go now and it was even better than I was expecting. We had a blast and hope this stirs up the demand for a new Ghostbusters film.
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Great Classic Movie To See Again on Big Screen

By nevaahe
Written November 02, 2011
Not much more to say than that. It's a top classic. Was fun to watch again on Halloween night on the Big Screen!
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By Jcdadnhubby
Written May 24, 2016
Amazing movie that is still just as good and as funny today as it was 27 years ago. Nice to be able to see it in the theater again.
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